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Argentina: Incendiary attack against Fiat dealership and other vehicles

from vla, transl. by waronsociety: We always do what we say because we feel the need to carry out the acts we think about. Theory is all the ideas that exist inside of our heads, practice is everything that comes … Continue reading

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Argentina: Claim for bombing of the Mutual de Gendarmería and arson of two cars

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Trying to be at our best and to continue maintaining the dignity deserved by human lives that rebel against the authority that provokes all kinds of oppression over the face of the earth in which we … Continue reading

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A few accounts of solidarity with the strike carried out by Hans

from publicacionrefractario, transl. by waronsociety: In Argentina on August 19th, there was a manifestation in solidarity outside the Chilean embassy.

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Argentina: Attack in solidarity with the revolt in Brazil

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Last Thursday, July 18, we attacked the ITAU Bank located at Bolivar and Moreno streets, in the middle of the central port, with stones. We also left painted on its windows “Solidarity with the Revolt in … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires, Argentina: Claim for the torching of a federal police car

from vivalaanarquia translated by waronsociety: This rotten world has everything, the defenders of law and order are abundant, as well as those with authoritarian values who remind us of the police who control the streets we run down. Continuing the … Continue reading

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Argentina: Solidarity graffiti (photos)

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Graffiti done for anarchist compañerxs in the surveilled city of Buenos Aires, in different places like the Cabildo National Museum, embassies, banks, churches, airline companies, etc.

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Argentina: Solidarity with Henry and Krudo

from vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety: On May 29 various individuals concentrated in the Consulate of Bolivia in the city of Buenos Aires to demonstrate our solidarity with Henry and Krudo.

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Argentina: Claim for arsons of a police car and other luxury vehicles

from vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety: “Hanged in Chicago, decapitated in Germany, garotted in Jerez, shot in Barcelona, guillotined in Montbrison and Paris, many of ours have died, but you have not been able to annihilate anarchy. Its roots are too … Continue reading

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Editorial statement for the joint issue of Conspiración Ácrata and Abrazando el Caos

from 325, translated by waronsociety: Seeing in the strengthening of real and sincere debate, and in the mutual knowledge of the particularities of each region where there act groups or individuals resistant to the global order, an excellent opportunity to … Continue reading

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Chile: Letter from Juan Aliste and Marcelo Villarroel to the comrades in Argentina

from freddymarcelojuan, translated by waronsociety: It is here the word solidarity turns into fire and praxis, it is here where we carry complicit glances, crossing fictitious imposed borders, joining in a cry for freedom, taking aim at the the center … Continue reading

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Chile: Trial preparation postponed again for the Security Case

from refractario, transl waronsociety: The 24th of April 2013 was the date set for the preparation of the oral trial against Marcelo, Juan and Freddy, accused of various robberies and the death of a police officer.

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Argentina: Explosive device in front of police officer’s house

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Our hands return to burn again… the Artisans of fire return… Disgusted by the normality and the routine that surrounds us, we decided once again to go on the attack. This time, the warriors of the … Continue reading

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Argentina: Claim for incendiary attacks on a hundred luxury cars in Buenos Aires in early 2013

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique: In the face of the discouraging panorama produced by the satisfied slaves who wander through the city of Buenos Aires relating to each other mechanically, we decided to continue with the chaotic offensive, attacking and … Continue reading

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Argentina: Mural painted in Buenos Aires in solidarity with the fugitive compa Felicity

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

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