Chile: Incendiary attack on a bus by Individualists Tending toward the Wild

transantiago2(WOS Note: Here are the first and second communiques of the new phase of Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS), both in Mexico. This translation by “Chahta-Ima” with some edits.)

From maldicionecoextremista:

We are curare arrows of the ancients against their prey and enemies. We are the bonfire’s flame that warms when it is cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of everything unknown. We are the snow on the mountaintops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.

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Italy: Incendiary Sabotage of Train Line

from contrainfo, translated wos:

During the night between the 19th and 20th of November we placed an incendiary device on a lateral conductor on the tracks of the Turín-Milán line.

Onward with the sabotage of the tentacles of the system!

Death to Capital.

Death to the State.


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Spanish prisons: Words from anarchist compañera Mónica Caballero

From Contrainfo, translation WOS:

Communique received February 11, 2016

Below we leave some words from anarchist compañera Mónica Caballero in relation to the logic and functioning of the respect unit (m-R) in multiple prisons in the Spanish State. With the aim of directly controlling the population imprisoned there and, with the preventive excuse of “resolving” frictions between individuals in–forced–cohabitation, these units are fundamentally destined to avoid serious problems between the prisoners and the institution, trapping any rebellious impulse or attitude that questions the imposed consensus. And working on the basis of submission to rules and protocols that maintain order, they seek the participation and collaboration of the inmates. Undoubtedly, we find similarities with the logic of the “outside,” since the project of prison is a vital part of the system in its totality through which it reproduces the same forms of the existent Domination.

We also remember that Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar will face trial on March 8th, 9th and 10th, 2016, in the Madrid branch of the National Court. Continue reading

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Chile: Claim for explosive device at Center for Social Reintegration in Santiago

Text from Contrainfo, translation WOS; also see this report from the press:

Santiago, Chile, February 11, 2016

On February 11, we headed for the intersection of Pedro Lagos and Arturo Prat, where the Chilean gendarmerie have their Center for Social Reintegration, and there we proceeded to place a powerful time-delayed bomb. This was a conscious and libertarian act which, far from wishing to harm passersby, sought to directly attack not only the premises’ facilities but also to in a single blow possibly take away the life of some guards, without regard to their rank or status. For us, putting an end to any of these miserables will always be a pleasure. Continue reading

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Mexico: Attack against GMO lobby group in Mexico City injures two (November 2015)

we receive and publish an extract from an article about the attack, followed by a translation of the communique claiming the attack:

In the fourth anti-GMO terrorist event in Latin America this year, the Mexico-based organization Alianza Pro Transgenicos (Alliance for Transgenics) was the victim of two recent bombing attempts. One bomb exploded from a package delivered to one of the alliance’s offices, wounding the organization’s Vice President, engineer Mario Berlanga, and an associate. The other package bomb delivered a day later was not opened and handed over to Mexican authorities, which are investigating. No one was seriously injured. Continue reading

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Argentina, Buenos Aires: Sabotage of train line and Hellenic Association

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

The reasons to act, motivations, and urgencies remain. Also in many the excuses to not do it remain. We will always consciously choose the first option.

Saturday, July 4, minutes before the “copa américa” began, which would be disputed by soccer millionaires in Chile and Argentina, we sabotaged the rails of the train that connects the city of silver with the constitution station, demonstrating on the one hand our repulsion to the idiotic spectacle which brought the realization of this tournament that is clearly used as a cover for power’s despicable maneuvers.

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Mexico: Envelopes with incendiary devices against institutions of the technological system

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

Chikomoztoc, July 3, 2015.

“But how can we pretend that one dies in time who has never lived in time? It would be better if they had not been born. This is what Nature desires for the people who are extraneous in the world.” – F.

Envelopes with electromechanical activation and incendiary charge have been left in various targets in Mexico State, yesterday, July 2 of this year: Continue reading

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Anarchist Claudio Lavazza’s contribution to the days of solidarity and resistance in Athens

from refractario, transl. waronsociety:

Claudio Lavazza’s contribution to the “Days of Resistance and Solidarity” held March 26-28 in Athens organized by the Assembly of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Imprisoned and Accused Fighters. The compañero remains imprisoned in the dungeons of the Spanish state since 1996, arrested after a bank robbery which left two police dead.

Dear compañerxs!

Before talking about long term sentences, of the past state of European prisons, of the changes that have been made in the last few years, of the actual situation, of the experiences of struggle, of solidarity movements, of special imprisonment regimens, of anti-terrorist legislation, and objectives of the movement… I think it is best to talk of my experience of almost 20 years in prison. Unfortunately those who live outside of these walls do not have the necessary information to really understand this reality, and it is not their fault, but due to the difficulty of talking about things of such complexity and difficult analysis. Continue reading

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Tlalnepantla, Mexico: Package bomb for ICA engineers

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

Chikomoztok, July 8, 2015

The company ICA (Civil and Associated Engineers) is the giant of infrastructure in Mexico. The construction of freeways, urban complexes, hydroelectric plants, airports, refineries, metro stations and more, are the areas that this company manages. Consequently, ICA is one of the targets to attack, since we consider their mere presence in whatever place they are building to be involved in the perpetuation of the system, which develops itself through the destruction of nature, contamination of ecosystems, disturbance of the natural order, etc. This company, property of the abhorrent magnate Carlos Slim, is one of the main responsible entities that make civilization’s stain grow exponentially, converting this artificial reality into something completely alien, mediated and limiting. Continue reading

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Wild Reaction – ‘Some answers about the present and NOT about the future’

translation we receive and publish (original is at contrainfo [pdf]):

Pachuca, Hidalgo, November 13 2014.

With this statement, some groupuscules of “Wild Reaction” (RS), will respond to the text “Some ideas about the present and the future” from “Ediciones Isumatag” (EI), published on their blog on October 6 of this year [2014].

At the same time, with this writing we demonstrate the existing distinction among critics of the industrial-technological system, specifically among those who are bent on and advocate the creation of an “organized movement capable of contributing to the overthrow of such a system”, and those like we who do not seek that, but rather, to attack the development of the systems progress from the present, tending to destabilize it. Continue reading

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Puebla, México: Explosive attack against the National Electoral Institute– call for a Black June

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

1st Message: Declaration of Permanent War

Everyone get out!

“Bakunin said that revolutions are three quarters fantasy and a quarter reality. The important thing is realizing where the fantasy that leads to the explosion of generalized rebellion originates.”                                                                                       Ai Ferri Corti Continue reading

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Mexico: On anti-electoralism and anarchist struggle

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

Don’t vote them in, kick them out!

“As writers of an essay of political philosophy, the Invisible Committee affects a strong contempt for speculation and a marked penchant for practice. And this is good, above all because it allows them to rake in the applause both of the erudite in withdrawal from vitamins and of the activists thirsty for knowledge…. The critique of the existent, taken in its totality, doesn’t interest the Committee. Nonetheless, precisely like the various marxist sects, the I.C. has the lust to impose its vision….”

The Coming Insurrection is in step with the times, perfectly in fashion. It possesses the characteristics most required at the moment, it is flexible and elastic, it adapts itself to all circumstances (in the subversive sphere). It is well presented, has style and ends up being liked by everyone because it gives a bit of reason to all, without disaffecting anyone in the end. From this standpoint, it is a decidedly political book.”

“The Insurrection and Its Double”

The Invisible Committee is like virtue: always in the middle. Continue reading

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Mexico: Statement from Wild Reaction about attacks in Puebla and elsewhere

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

Several months ago, the communication media falsely attributed to us a series of attacks on various targets in different parts of the Mexican republic, for which reason we want to present the following:

1. The groupuscules of Wild Reaction (RS) do not have contact or overlap, direct or indirect, with anarchist groups of an insurrectional, anti-prison, or liberationist stripe, nor any of their variants. Continue reading

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Chile: Compa Enrique Guzmán leaves prison

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

At almost two months into the liquid hunger strike of compañerxs Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova, and Guillermo Durán, today [June 5th] one of the most important demands was achieved: compañero Enrique Gúzman was moved from prison to full house arrest. While it is a great step, we remain alert for the appeal that the prosecution will surely present in an attempt to return the compañero to prison, insisting on the logic of repressing the ties of comradeship and friendship as has been their behavior from the beginning. Continue reading

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