Spain: The death of Patricia Heras and some attacks in revenge

background from the 325, followed by communiques translated by War On Society:

Background: Barcelona / February 4 2006: There was a fight with the police outside a massive party in a squatted building (not run by people from the movement though) where some 1500 people were attending. In the confused events that followed a cop was hit by a potted plant thrown from a balcony causing him severe injuries that left him paraplegic. Importantly, the original police report that attributed the injuries of the cop to a potted plant has mysteriously vanished. The arrested and hunted of that moment were randomly taken from among passers-by; people leaving from the party, even a couple of young guys who happened to have the bad luck of having a motorbike accident driving through the area.. a well known and classic tale of police revenge… they were brutality beaten and fitted up.

The municipal police, instead of investigating properly, decided to blame this on the entire squatter movement- in conjunction with the municipal authorities and the media they intensified an existing campaign of media smears and violent repression. The story spouted by the authorities changed several times to fit the ‘facts’ as it suited them, the disgusting mayor of the city at the time self-importantly pontificating with lies. First they decided that the building in question was “related” somehow to the squatter movement, something everyone knows in the movement is false, then they changed the story of the potted plant for a stone, finally they accused this girl, Patricia Heras, of throwing not the stone but a mobile fence in the course of the confusing struggle.

She always denied it. She denied being there at all, she claimed to be a politically motivated scapegoat. She also denounced, like most others arrested in this confusing episode of likely political revenge, her torture while in detention.

She was sentenced to three years of prison. Being a free spirit, she could not put up with it and she killed herself before going to jail again.

There are many ways to kill:
they can stab you,
they can take your bread,
they can not cure your illness,
they can push you to suicide…

Bertolt Brecht

Open letter from Mariana, mother of Rodrigo Lanza, one of the original defendants.

Barcelona – Attack in wealthy area

At dawn on May 3 with an incendiary device attacked a luxury car in the upper area of ​​Sarrià in order to remind our enemies that the struggle against misery continues. In this case in memory of Patricia Heras, but also as a wink of complicity to everyone who for taking on this order are now persecuted and harassed, to make it clear they are not alone, they will never be alone and that we continue on the warpath taking us clearly to our enemy. We do not need excuses to attack what seeks to enslave us, but this morning we went out to vindicate and avenge our dead, because we do not forget nor become paralyzed in the face of the blows of power. A concrete power, embodied in its watchdogs, politicians, entrepreneurs, banks, courts etc. Stay focused on their neighborhoods, their homes, their cars, on all that maintains, sustains and defends them. If they are the ones responsible for our misery… may they live in fear! …We are everywhere. Vengeance is around the corner… “we are getting closer…”

those at war

Response to the Death of Patricia Heras in Barcelona

The night of Thursday, 28 April, we attacked two banks on Rogent street with hammers. We did it to respond to the death of a comrade; to allow our rage to erupt rather than anaesthetizing it; so that those who profit off our misery also reap the consequences. We would like to be able to avenge Patricia attacking the cops, judges, and journalists responsable for the 4F frame-up, but at the moment, our desires aside, we’ll stick with attacking two offices of their owners.

Patrici, we won’t forget you. You are with us. We’ll continue fighting against patriarchy, against the prisons and against all domination until everyone is free.

On the night of 2 May, the city hall of Girona in Catalunya was attacked with rocks and spraypainted with the phrase, “We don’t forget Patri, PSC [Socialist Party, in government at the time of the 4F frameup] murderers”

Attack on a church in Guinardó in revenge for Patricia

After the storm ceased on the night of May 3, we met with pockets full of stones and we headed for our goal, a church located in the neighborhood of Guinardó.

We stoned with all our might their large windows and we left.

This action was fueled by the desire for revenge for the murder of our comrade PATRICIA HERAS. We attack this institution for what it means, for the tradition of torture, oppression and domination of humans and especially of women.

Making themselves masters of our bodies, instilling fear and applying punishment. Being one of the strongest pillars of patriarchy in the western world.

This has been a tribute to Patri. We point out the guilty: JOAN CLOS, JORDI HEREU and MONTSERRAT TURA, not to mention the authorities (judges, urban police, Catalan police, prison authorities) clearly responsible.

We do not demand justice as we have stopped believing in it, nor case review, for us is clear.




Actions in Sant Andreu for the Assassination of Patricia

This morning the entrances to the metro stations of Sagrera, Torras and San Andreu were blockaded, preventing the functioning of the locks and thus preventing access to the metro, for the ASSASSINATION of PATRICIA HERAS by the State by way of the 4F political frame-up. Murals were also done in the neighborhood of San Andreu.


Also accomplices in her death are CORONER Carmen Garcia Martinez, ‭ ‬ JUDGES OF THE PROVINCIAL COURT Jesús Barrientos Pacho,‭ ‬Carlos Mir Puig, and Jesús Navarro Morales and SUPREME COURT JUSTICES ‬Adolfo Prego de Oliver y Tolivar,‭ ‬Perfecto Andrés Ibáñez,‭ ‬José Ramón Soriano Soriano,‭ ‬Manuel Marchena Gómez,‭ ‬Luis-Román Puerta Luis.

  • The POLICE who prepared the false report.
  • The journalists who supported the information ‭ ‬ of the police and city hall, ‭ ‬ criminalizing the detainees as well as social movements.
  • The treatment team ‭ (‬social educator, ‭ ‬ pedagogue, ‭ ‬ psychologist, ‭ ‬ social worker, lawyer) ‬ of Wad-Ras prison ‭ (‬Poblenou) ‬ they are only mere mercenaries of the state.
  • The jailers, who maintain the repressive structure of prison.

We are all Patricia … and state repression and the capitalist system holds us all prisoners (although without physical walls that prohibit us to decide our lives). We can not accept, as if normal and as if nothing had happened, the death of Patricia, and the current state of those of 4 F, and all the constant abuse of power that we experience.

Patricia, and all those assassinated by the state, We do not forget, We do not forgive!!!!


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