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This page is maintained for posting notices related to the upkeep of War On Society; new site features, etc, to keep them off of the main page.


  • In line with the shift of focus mentioned below, we are going to attempt to keep an up-to-date list of anarchist and libertarian prisoners in all of the Americas (formerly it was only North America). For some time it will be disorganized and incomplete.


  • The site has a new header.


  • After a rough period, we are back to regular translation and maintenance of the site.
  • However, we are no longer re-posting news from the US, Canada, or for that matter the UK, Greece, Italy and around the world. We are only posting translations from the Spanish-speaking world and the French-speaking world. Occasionally there will be exceptions.
  • We continue to accept original content and translations by e-mail and will post these if we find affinity with the content.


  • We are unable to connect to any sites and some sites (for example, colorado works, but portland and atlanta do not). This is not a temporary issue. It has been consistent even through changes in tech, and we believe it is because these sites refuse traffic from Tor exit nodes. Unless something changes, we will continue to be unable to access and repost information from those sites. We recommend using other platforms for communication.
  • Update 5/20/12: we are able to connect to some sites, depending on factors we haven’t been able to isolate.

1/15/12: Two things:

  • We now have regular translations from French to English, thanks to new collaboration with translators.
  • The site has been modified to hopefully make the front page easier to navigate. All posts will have only a brief summary before clicking on the title to open the full text.

1/9/12: Several updates from the past month or two:

  • Calendar: We have added a calendar that will be used to keep informed of upcoming events, especially related to solidarity with comrades in prison, facing state repression, or remembering the fallen, days of action, etc. It appears at the top of the right-hand sidebar on the page. Submit event notices to us. Update: The calendar has since been discontinued.
  • Shift of focus: The site has reached a high enough volume of counter-information now that we do not re-post as much as we used to, which means our focus will be mostly on texts from North America, the Spanish-speaking world, Italy, France, Russia of interest to the international level. We will still re-post notices that we find particularly key. We suggest readers use the links in the sidebar to find the texts we don’t cover (English-language info from Greece, UK, Australia can be easily found on other sites).
  • Seeking translators: We are seeking collaboration with translators who can translate texts into English from any language, but especially from Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish. You can always send your translations to our email address. However, if you wish to become a regular translator for War on Society, please email us and we can create an account that allows you to post to the site directly.

contact: healthisinyou(at)riseup(dot)net

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  1. anonymous says:

    San Francisco: Attack on Nazi Publishing company.

    Last night the nazi publishers at counter currents got the message. Bricks and paint bombs.

    We got close.

    We will get closer.

    For antifascists in Ukraine, Sweden, and the world.

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