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June 11th roundup of actions and events

from anews: Another great June 11th, thanks to everyone who organized events, wrote letters, and followed their hearts! There were at least forty events planned, including lots of international solidarity. We’re excited about the level of commitment and love everyone … Continue reading

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UK: May 22nd Group of the FAI claim responsibility for railway sabotage in Bristol

from indymedia: The purpose of guerrilla attack is to spread the struggle into different territories and facets of life. Finance, judicial, communications, military and transport infastructure will continue to be targets of the new generation of urban low-intensity warfare – … Continue reading

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UK: Attack against Communications Infrastructure by ELF

from 325, 11 April 2012: We take responsibility for the attack on the communications mast on Dundry hill on 11th April, that took out five communication services and took off air BBC Radio Bristol and Jack FM for more than … Continue reading

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Breaking: Arrests target LulzSec international anarchist hacker group in conspiracy case

from the press: Law enforcement agents on two continents swooped in on top members of the infamous computer hacking group LulzSec early this morning, and acting largely on evidence gathered by the organization’s brazen leader — who sources say has … Continue reading

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UK: Claim of responsibility for solidarity arsons

from 325: “The spirit of insurrectionalism is still in the air like a light of hope – in this dim atmosphere of cages of repression.” – Eat & Billy (Indonesian FAI)

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List of New Years Eve noise demos outside prisons, jails and detention centers worldwide

Athens, Greece In response to the global call for noise demos, the following demonstrations (that we know about) took place:

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UK: Claim of responsibility for incendiary attack on bank depot

from bristol indymedia: At 4:30 am on Thursday 15th of december we attacked Bristol LLoyds bank depot in solidarity with comrades imprisoned in Greece, Chile, Switherland and all over the world. We painted the message “UNTIL ALL ARE FREE” on … Continue reading

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UK: Class Terror – FAI claim responsibility for arson of vehicles of Lord Mayor and Tory Councillor

from IMC UK (11/7/11): Claim of responsibility. Geoff Gollop, Lord mayor of Bristol and Kevin Quartley, a Tory councillor had their cars torched outside their homes on November 7th. This is the fire of the ghetto delivered to their door … Continue reading

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UK: Letter of comrade Huw ‘Badger’ Norfolk from clandestinity

from 325: During the massive UK riots in August there was a window smashing action against offices of a right-wing newspaper in Bristol, for which the cops seek a suspect from reported DNA evidence. This resulted in a local squat … Continue reading

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UK: FAI – Cell of Joy claim arson attack against prison vehicle in Nottingham

from 325: 12 October 2011 A visit to Nottingham Prison last night culminated in a fire being started underneath a prison vehicle. It had just gone nine when we arrived and after tagging some nearby walls with the messages of … Continue reading

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UK: FAI claim responsibility for Eon vehicle torched in Bristol

from actforfreedomnow: On Monday 8th August 2011, during civil unrest in St Paul’s area, Bristol. An Eon vehicle was spotted and duely torched on William Street. For Eon’s total disregard for the natural ecosystems, this was in solidarity with all … Continue reading

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UK: ELF-FAI claim of responsibility for BBC Radio transmission mast arsoned in Bristol

from actforfreedomnow: As social war erupts in the UK, we torched a BBC Radio transmission mast in the early hours of August 11th 2011. The mast was located in the Bedminster Down area of Bristol and is managed by Arquiva. … Continue reading

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UK: Claim for arson of riot van in Bristol

from actforfreedomnow: Early this morning /9/8  we set fire to a riot van at Bishopston police station. We rejoice the uprising of many State-brutalised, marginalised youths as they establish a new relationship to their surroundings, and whatever other insurgents who … Continue reading

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Denver, CO: Police car attacked in solidarity with anti-police arsons in London

from Colorado Indymedia (August 6th 2011): There was a cop car window smashed in the Denver area in solidarity with the cop car burnings in London today.

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