Fresno, CA: Police Memorial in front of Police HQ vandalized

from indybay:

Johannes Mehserle walked free after serving less than a year in jail after he murdered Oscar Grant in cold blood. Mehserle is free, Oscar Grants daughters still have no father, his parents have no son, he is still dead and his executioner walks free. This is bullshit and in response the pig memorial in front of FPD HQ had paint thrown on it with the message “Oscar Grant was here, Rest In Power Brother”. These pigs can’t keep getting away with killing our people.

Angelo Fernandez was recently shot in the back by FPD, he was unarmed. This problem of killer pigs is not only in Oakland but also in Fresno and pretty much every city. We will not sit idly by while this happens. The time to fight back is now, choose targets, cover your tracks, plan your actions out and strike. No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police!

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