Trial date set for Swiss eco-anarchists Costa, Silvia, and Billy

from 325:

On 15 April 2010, Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerin and Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi were arrested in Switzerland after a control by police. The State accuses them of planning to attack an IBM nanotechnology laboratory. Costa, Silvia and Billy are fellow anarchists who have been active in fighting for things like radical ecology and animal liberation, fighting against health hazards such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear technology and supporting and standing in solidarity with prisoners. IBM is a notorious devastator of the entire world, a corporate giant which profits from and maintains the hierarchy of the rich. Solidarity with those who fight against industrial capitalism and the new sciences of control and manipulation.

On the 19, 20 and 22 of July in Bellinzona, Switzerland, the trial will be held for the eco-anarchists Silvia Guerin, Costantino Rugusa and Luca ‘Billy’ Berlusconi. It is over a year since our comrades have been held by the Swiss authorities, whilst the investigation into the ‘crime’ for which they are accused was carried out. The charges are: planning an incendiary attack against an IBM nanotechnology research centre under construction outside Zurich, transportation and possession of explosives without jurisdiction.

It has been a year of not only isolation against Silvia, Costa and Billy, but the attempted repression and increased monitoring of a growing movement of solidarity and resistance which cannot be put out, but only spreads under the rake of repression. Marco Camenisch, fellow eco-anarchist imprisoned by the Swiss authorities joined the accused during one of their hunger-strikes, and there has been many actions of revolutionary solidarity directed towards all them, if the authorities thought that they could turn the investigation and trial of our comrades into anything other than an inflammation of our anger and attack against the existent, they were wrong. The Earth is waking up and taking revenge, in every action of earth and animal liberation which pushes forward the vision of total liberation for all living beings.

None will be taken from us, as only a wall separates, and everyday takes us towards the destruction of this world of cages and prisons.

Freedom for Costa, Billy and Silvia
Freedom for Marco Camenisch
Freedom for the Earth

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