Calgary, AB: communique for attack on RBC bank

from anews:

Sometime in mid-june (calendars, how do they work?), a crew of anarchists rolled up on a usually calm (we’re assuming) strip mall in NW calgary, Alberta. Once there, they wasted no time in approaching the target, an RBC branch with several windows exposed to a side street, and smashing several windows. The word “THIEVES!” was then painted on the only remaining window.

Sure, this was politically motivated, and the message was overtly political, but that’s not really the point. The point is you will never know your own power as a combative community until you put it into practice (which makes perfect, so they say).

Smashing windows is surely not the road to anarchy, but certainly is a very fun and effective gateway drug towards actual combat, which the very nature of civilization guarantees is inevitable.

So get out there and do some smashing! It won’t spark an insurrection (or even cost your target that much trouble), but you and your friends will have a way better idea of what approaching, attacking and leaving an objective is like.

Till next time, friends.

–Mark Twain and Friends

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