Greece: Arson in Ate Bank in Votanikos area, Athens

from actforfreedomnow (6/26):

A homemade incendiary device made with camping-gas canisters was placed by unknown individuals just before 03:00am on Sunday in the entrance of the 5-storey building which also accommodates the subsidiary branch and offices of Ate Bank, on Spyros Patsis street, in Votanikos area.

The ATM, the interior of the building of the Bank and a parked motorcycle suffered serious damages from the explosion and the fire. At the spot were found two camping-gas canisters that had exploded and a glass bottle.

Responsibility claim for ATE bank in Votanikos:


Undeniably in a season of crisis, a phenomenon inherent WITH capitalism, we experience the collapsing of social promises, promises such as steady work, lavish lifestyle, etc., that every one was trained to want, and everyone settled accepted in order to compromise. This compromise initially promoted the gigantization of capital, using as a vaulting bar the overconsumption, and means of materialisation the loans and cards. This model however, as every other capitalistic model, failed.

Thus came the time of crisis!

This failure, beginning in the USA with the case of “toxic loans”, that led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, pointing out the danger and prompting the state-capitalistic mechanisms to fortify themselves in order to protect their existence.

A state that is founded being already in debt and continues as such through all its his history, counting only the last 60 years (1940-2000) of its monetary independence, four depreciations and a bankruptcy, it is sure that it would be influenced by the world economic crisis.

With the integration of Greece in the EU and the Euro (for the achievement of which improprieties we will not analyze), was facilitated the further borrowing of the country, with experimental terms (see. CBS), loans which now the state is called to payoff, that in its turn puts on its subjects, increased and with limited possibilities of negotiation (memorandum – medium-term).

It is obvious even to the most ignorant that the control of the state has passed into the hands of the banks and their shareholders, a fact that although now has become obvious, actually is unbreakably connected with the birth of these mechanisms.

However “the king is now naked”, and the only thing left from now on to covers him is the total of mechanisms which with the participation of the previously mentioned settled one has managed to build… With the increase of policing that has been presented by the media
as a popular demand, is justified the creation, maintenance and multiplication of cops and particularly those of the special repressive units. At the same time the juridical gang and its methods offers its “valuable” services.

We don’t forget the recent incidents with the juridical coup d’etat that “justice” wants to pass through on the backs of the 3 comrades who are persecuted for participation in the Revolutionary Struggle, with the attempt to re-imprison them, neither with the attempt to internationalize the repression with the call of comrades G.Nikolopoulos and Ch.Tsakalos, members of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire, to present themselves in the office of the interrogator in Bologna Italy for the case with the letter bombs.

Down your limbs from our comrades!

Recognizing our enemies and choosing to attack them in the now, we attacked on 26-11 the Ate Bank of Sp.Patsis street in Votanikos.

P.S. Our warm greetings to the comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos who is in the hospital of Koridallos prisons, after an armed clash with cops in Pefki.


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