Greece: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claim responsibility for arson of 12 telecommunications vehicles

The communique — here in Greek — has not yet been translated. It is signed by the International Revolutionary Front – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Luciano Tortuga Core.

The main theme is revolutionary violence:

The violence with stones and Molotov cocktails by the minority who question authority practice creates the experience of conflict to a new world, an experience that under certain conditions can be transformed then into a revolutionary consciousness. The violence is to be appropriable by as many people as possible.

They salute the new network Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror who arsoned the mayor’s car in Athens.

The second generation of the Conspiracy is here and we are present.

More dangerous, unpredictable and chaotic than ever.

And they claim responsibility for the arson of 12 telecom vehicles:

So, loyal to rebel “calls” but also to ourselves, we do the obvious: the continuation of the revolutionary war. We are therefore responsible for the burning of 12 vehicles that were in OTE [Hellenic Telecommunications Organization] outdoor parking in Maroussi at the junction of Hadjiantoniou and Dionysus.

Finally, they send revolutionary greetings to the cells of the International Revolutionary Front around the world, and strength to Luciano Tortuga in Chile.

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