Spain: Bomb threat to Swiss Consulate in solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa

from indymedia, translated by war on society:

Wednesday July 20th, 11:30am bomb threat to the Swiss Consulate of Barcelona in solidarity with Billy, Costa and Silvia imprisoned by the Swiss State

Since April of 2010, Silvia, Costa and Billy have been incarcerated in the Swiss prisons, accused of planning to attack with explosives an IBM laboratory for nanotechnology research.

On Wednesday July 20th, 2011 they were condemned to more than three and a half years of prison, having already completed 15 months in preventive detention.

At 11:30 of the same day we wanted to give a small nod to our comrades in struggle by calling the Swiss consulate in Barcelona, communicating the presence of an explosive device inside. We don’t know what measures were taken by the Consulate, but we hope it was a huge bother!

Against the system of exploitation and domination, and the multinationals of hypertechnological control…

Freedom for Billy Costa and Silvia.


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