Russia: Incendiary attacks on police station and vehicle

from blackblocg:

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August 21, 2011 at the 3 a. m. individual fighter of resistance have burned down a local police station №35 placed on Lenskaya street, 28, Moscow. Action was successful and struggle against “criminals with shoulder straps” will be continued. Greetings to all current and future guerrillas! Don’t be afraid to act alone, but be careful! No pasaran!

August 23, 2011, in the night. In a town of Khimki nearby Moscow, a group of anarchist guerrillas have burned a police car on the parking of the road police station. Khimki is a place of a hard social conflict because of the project of building a paid road through the Khimki forest. During the protests of locals and ecologists, a horrible police brutality has been shown. So we send our message to bloody police scum! It is time to continue the struggle to defend nature and justice and to abolish state and capitalism!

Anarchists of Moscow region.

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