Fresno, CA: Arsonist firebombs a Fresno police officer’s home

from the press:

A Fresno Police officer’s home is fire bombed early Sunday morning. It’s the second time an officer has been the target of a fire starter in less than three weeks.

Fresno police aren’t identifying the woman officer. She finished her shift at 2:00 a.m. Thirty minutes after arriving at her northwest Fresno home, Chief Jerry Dyer says an arsonist struck several times. “There were several Molotov cocktails that were thrown into the house causing both external and internal fire damage. The Fresno Fire dept. immediately put out the fire.”

The windows and front door have now been boarded up. Fresno Police and Fresno Fire’s arson unit are conducting a joint investigation.

“First off whether or not she was specifically targeted and if so was she specifically targeted because she’s a police officer,” Chief Dyer said.

Two and a half weeks ago an arsonist struck at the southwest Fresno policing station. A patrol car was torched. Two cars parked nearby belonging to police officers were damaged. But it’s the Sunday morning arson case that has the Chief concerned. “What makes this more concerning isn’t only because she’s a police officer but the fact that there was another female in the residence as well as three children.”

Chief Dyer says his department is taking steps to insure the safety of the woman officer, her family and home. So far she has not been placed on administrative leave.

The Chief also sent out a voice mail to every Fresno Police Department employee reminding them to be on their toes until the arsonist is caught. If you have information on this case DON’T SNITCH

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