Argentina: IAF/IRF cell torches private security vehicle in Buenos Aires

from This Is Our Job via Culmine (Sep. 22nd)

Also read this Proposal From the Fire Cells Conspiracy, by their imprisoned comrades.

Via this communiqué, we claim responsibility for torching a Buenos Aires Protection private security vehicle early last Monday at the intersection of Avenida La Plata and Avenida Garay, right in the middle of the Boedo neighborhood.

Buenos Aires Protection does surveillance work, instigated and approved by police society. Among its employees are personnel from the different armed forces, either active-duty or recycled from the era of the last military dictatorship.

Its mission consists of guarding domestic and foreign businesspeople, blowhard “artists,” public and diplomatic functionaries, and bourgeois hotels, restaurants, and businesses—in total, a wide variety of pure shit.

But its miserable work isn’t limited to that. It is also authorized to intervene in cases of the existence of threats to “public safety,” sounding the requisite alarm in the process.

We thus decided to remind them that they will be treated like what they are: enemies in the service of authority, mercenaries without the smallest drop of dignity. The same goes for young people who, using the excuse of wanting easy, well-paid work, take jobs with these kinds of companies.

There are no valid excuses or justifications for working in the capacity of police. There is only the thirst for authority, to experience the morbid pleasure of controlling and torturing those who oppose you.

Given the kind of reality one experiences in this region—streets inundated with surveillance cameras; the gendarmerie, prefecture, federal police, and Buenos Aires police controlling, subjugating, torturing, and murdering—to take the position and play the role of good citizen or victim of oppression is inexcusable.

These are times of attack.

The vehicle was completely destroyed, and that made us happy since we also thought of this action as a gesture of solidarity with comrades who are currently in prison. May they rejoice upon seeing that the struggle is continuing all over the world. To comrade Tamara in Spain, recently sentenced to eight years in prison for sending a letter-bomb to that country’s director of prisons. To the Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades, who don’t lower their heads and who continue to foster initiatives despite being locked up in Greek death camps. To the captive comrades in Chile, especially those involved in the Bombings Case. And to so many others we think about every day, so many others who aren’t giving in.

To the fugitives. May the clutches of repression never reach your wild, rebellious bodies.

An embrace full of love and complicity for comrade Luciano Pitronello, who will soon be brought to trial despite the delicate state of his health.

May revolutionary vengeance fall on the miscreants who attempt to judge our brothers and sisters. May it also fall on their interests, wherever they may be.

Forward, Anarchists. These are times of war.

—Antagonistic Cell for Complete Freedom (Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front)

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