Joint declaration of the insurrectional anarchist and eco-anarchist groups of Mexico

from culmine, translated by war on society:

To the anarchist comrades of Mexico and of the world,

To the arsonists and antagonists in affinity of Mexico and of the world,

To the arsonists and antagonists in affinity everywhere:

Greetings, imprisoned brothers and sisters in Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Spain, United States, Greece, Italy, England, Switzerland, and the world!

Greetings to all who fight for Total Liberation!

On very few occasions, we have been obliged to release joint statements or communiques, and the rare times that we have done so it has been as internal circulation to socialize and discuss themes of interest or to elaborate critique from our experience of struggle, or to address and resolve discrepancies, and to manifest the informal coordination of our actions. Likewise, for some time we have preferred to avoid declarations and generic claims that can signal or incriminate comrades who develop from anarchism another method of struggle and perform different tasks openly, away from the direct confrontation that we have taken up. However, there are exceptions when specific conditions and particular situations arise, issues and problems that demand a public statement, a communique, a call. This is one of those exceptions, and what now we make is, precisely, a call.

Year by year, from insurrectional and eco-anarchist approaches and from the coordination of actions, we have appealed to overcome entrenched strategies that only contribute to immobilization and foment the spectacle manipulated by the media of mass alienation. We have been strong critics (consistent with our theoretical and practical approaches) of the lamentable simulacrum to which those who insist on the innocuous marches and pink-disguised-as-black protests reduce the struggle. We believe that the struggle, the social war against the system of domination, against its defenders, its representatives and lackeys, requires antagonistic creativity and the constant search for new forms of confrontation. Every October 2nd, we insist that it is a day that we (by fighting) commemorate the students who fell in the massacre of the Plaza de Tlatelolco, but that it is another day in the calendar of accounts to vindicate in everyday struggle, in permanent conflictuality, in daily combat of social war. We recognize struggle in the streets as one of the many creative forms of confrontation, but when we speak of struggle in the streets we cannot resort to that reduction of the term to permitted and policed marches where the route is assigned in advance and good behavior is required, imposed by those same march “comrades,” by the “revolutionary” police ready to accuse us as “provocateurs” and “thugs” upon the least intention of straying from the script. What we understand as struggle in the streets is what the comrades develop in Chile and Greece, or the furious revolts unleashed in Albania, Egypt, England and Syria, where they made a leap into struggle absolutely irrecuperable by the institutional forces of power, overwhelming civil protest and expropriating the armories of the police stations, attacking the repressive bodies, destroying the symbols of capital and the State and burning everything in their path. That is the struggle in the streets, and if the opportunity presents itself, anarchists should always be present to extend the revolt, increase the rage against domination and transform it into generalized insurrection. Anarchy is realized in each attack against domination. Nevertheless, against this evidence the immobilists always argue the shortcomings, the lack of “revolutionary maturation,” the absence of “objective and subjective conditions,” in order to continue with the spectacle and the simulacrum that allows them to feed the pose of the “revolutionary” by uploading photos to the social networking sites wielding the black flag, waving the banner, or sharing air face to face with the pigs.

Was, then, the antagonist movement “ripe” under a totalitarian regime like that which reigned in Syria? Was it ripe in Albania? In Egypt? Were the “objective and subjective” conditions provided in the orderly and well-guarded city of London? Perhaps they are provided in Chile? No, comrades. It was definitively the rage, both individual and collective, the rebellious will, the antagonistic vocation, which made the difference. On multiple occasions we have appealed, from different notices, to abandon the marches, protests and sit-ins to make way for other forms of struggle, to intensify the attack, to increase antagonism and extend the social war, demonstrating that it is possible, here and now, to go on the insurrectional offensive. We have done it not from the posture of the vanguard nor from the single organization nor from tactical unity; we have done it from the informal coordination of struggles, from the absolute autonomy of groups, from the combative individuality, encouraging the formation of nuclei, cells, collectives, affinity groups, coordinations, alliances, multiform and diverse configurations which advocate from their own structures or from individuality, permanent conflict, direct confrontation, social war without quarter and without truce. However, today we do not call for the abandonment of the marches for the same reasons as always, although we have not changed our reading of struggles.

Today we call to not participate in the march on the coming October 2nd because the most brutal repression against the anarchist movement of Mexico is being prepared. We call to not participate because at the very moment in which we write this call, the greatest frame-up against anarchism in memory is being forged. And this sinister operation is being forged in the logistics sector of the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City (Distrito Federal) and Mexico City Government’s offices of “connection,” in complicity with leaders of the student movement and the so-called popular movement, today at the service of the “progressive and democratic left” that robs, represses and imprisons under the slogan “the poor first,” while it builds the government of “hope.” This repressive trick is joined by (as always) the Stalinists, who prepare to “clean the streets of anarchists” and “blow them off the map” by means of the eviction of spaces won during prolonged struggles.  We know that they have names and addresses of comrades who do not have the least connection with our actions nor have relation with our organic configurations, however, in their minds and in their vertical conceptions, they identify them as “leaders” of anarchism. For those of us who chose, from firm anarchist convictions, the path of attack and the frontal struggle, this new frame-up does not take us by surprise.

We have been awaiting it for the past two years. We study and we follow with attention the frame-ups and operations instrumented, with similar strategy, in Chile and Greece, against our companions in cause. We carefully read and analyze all the contributions of their struggles and we take note of their experience. And we learn from the struggles. As the comrades of the Hommodolars Collective of Chile underlined, for those who fight for the destruction of the system of domination and for total liberation, not only is our enemy capital and the State but “it is also those who try to neutralize those who aim at those present themselves as the ‘line’ to follow.” Recently the Stalinists “demonstrate their ‘function’ within the spectrum of… the left? The function clearly of hegemonizing struggles, controlling them and instrumentalizing them.” And they warn us “beware the cops (pigs) in red, their youth and the line they would impose on those forces that fight today.” In the same article, they reproduce a communique from a political organization with which obviously neither the comrades of Hommodolars nor ourselves identify, with their populist and leftists positions, nevertheless, in it they denounce the aggression suffered at the hands of the Stalinists openly at the service of the governmental oligarchy: “students and people broke into the headquarters of the so-called communist party of Chile with the aim of holding a meeting with its board and demanding public apology for its remarks made about our occupation of MINEDUC and UDI, where they insinuated that we were paid by the government to carry out these actions.” And they continue, “To not allow us to interrupt, they met us with close to 70 ‘red pigs’ armed with sticks, knives and brass knuckles. They tried to kick us out of the headquarters, assaulting us brutally… But as we have done each time that the guard dogs of the rich have assaulted the People who struggle, we defended ourselves from the repression, this time from the guard dogs of the rich who say they represent the People. We could give a list of wounded or denounce the brutality exercised against us, but we will not do so because we are not victims and we vindicate each blow that we receive, we returned and will return to our defense and tot he defense of the Struggle…” ( This deed obliges us to attune ourselves to the frequency of the recent attacks and slanders directed against anarchist comrades accused of being “paid” by known “red” postures, with the end of creating doubt inside the movement, of increasing divisions between different tendencies of the anarchist struggle and to put known comrades under the spotlight, damaging anarchism before the next attack.

We know that not all who call themselves anarchists (unfortunately) share the same methods nor operate at the same times, but it seems indispensable to us to pause and reflect together in the face of what lies before us. We must be aware that those who are captured by the repressive forces and identified as anarchists will be subjected to the most brutal physical and psychological torture in search of information. They will want these to supply them with names of comrades supposedly involves in direct actions and acts of propaganda by the deed. Those who choose at cost and risk to participate in the march must do so responsibly, without carrying in their backpacks any type of propaganda that identifies them as anarchist, they must not carry arms nor items that can be associated with materials for the construction of explosives or incendiary devices. Nor should they carry agendas, phone numbers or cell phones and if they do, they should take the precaution of wiping the directory and memory or, preferably, buying a new chip and leaving the other in safety.

In the present circumstances it is highly recommended to read another text made by a Chilean libertarian autonomous group with certain insurrectionalist affinity, likewise at Hommodolars (, also available in the paper Reflexión/Revuelta ( This text, entitled “Reflections and advice of solidarity for the security of revolutionary action,” collects (beyond whatever theoretical discrepancies) a primer on how to minimize the possibilities of falling into the hands of the enemy and how to maximize our capacity of action in a secure and responsible manner. In this document is a specific section that addresses in great detail the process of infiltration on the part of intelligence and counterintelligence and how these operate in the universities, squats, alternative meeting centers, organizations, etc., and explains the old method of infiltration by bridge, “in which a space, group or objective of minor interest is infiltrated to reach another of greater interest that may be more complex to infiltrate. Some infiltrators can even ‘make a career’ in a space or group of interest, as happened in Chile within the armed organizations” (emphasis added).

As a general rule, open alternative spaces that do not require processes of reference and cross-reference for participation or to incorporate oneself in the initiative (squats, social centers, prisoner support groups, communication media, workshops, community gardens, neighborhood associations, broad platform solidarity campaigns, or multisectoral coordinations) are susceptible to this type of infiltration, for “making a career” and “crossing the bridge” toward the final objective. Comrades: if you insist on taking the street this October 2nd, let us do so in a coordinated manner, showing our teeth and unleashing the struggle in the streets favoring confrontation and destroying all the symbols of domination. Let us go, then, ready for unprecedented frontal combat. Let us prepare everything needed to secure a certain response. But, even with every preparation, we would have all the repressive machinery expecting us and in the rearguard we would be at the mercy of the Stalinist thugs. So let’s be creative, let us allow our imaginations to fly and let us undertake the frontal struggle against the system of domination with a minimum of risk and causing a maximum of damage. We do not have to limit ourselves to participating in the march, securing victory for the enemy from beforehand. Let us bring back the night and make it our accomplice. Let the gunpowder blast, the gasoline burn, the centers of power burst, let us fire everything that burns, destroy the symbols of domination, tear down the ivory towers, demolish every wall.

Strength, comrades incarcerated for the “Bombs case”!

Strength, imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!

Strength, comrade Tortugo!

Strength, comrade Tamara! Strength, comrade Gabriel!

Against the technological system of domination!

For the demolition of the prisons!

For the destruction of everything that dominates us!

For Total Liberation!

For international anarchist coordination!

For Anarchy!

May it light up the night!

*Anonymous Anarchist Action/Informal Anarchist Federation (AAA/FAI)

*Revolutionary Action Brigades for Propaganda by the Deed and Armed Action  Simón Radowitzky (BARPHAA-SR)

*Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis Guerrero/Informal Anarchist Federation (CARI-PG/FAI)

*Informal Anarchist Revolutionary Cell/Informal Anarchist Federation (CRIA/FAI)

*Terrorist Column of the Revolutionaries in Black (CTRN)

*Former members of the Eco-anarchist Cell for the Direct Attack (CEAD)

*Informal Anarchist Federation Mexico City (FAI-DF)

*Earth Liberation Front (FLT)

*Free, Dangerous, Savage and Incendiary Individuals for the Black Plague (ILPSIPN)

*Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature (LDNS)

Mexico, Planet Earth. 25th September 2011

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