Car of a security-company torched in Berlin

The claim:

“First of may is knocking on our doors and the security-machine is working at full stretch. In Halle and in Bremen the nazimarchs going to take place by any means neccessary, just to show how democracy is working in germany.
In some districts of Berlin a ritualised squatting of scary police forces is going to take place. Far away from an actually moment of class struggle the first of may symbolises the current stage of counter-insurgency in Germany.

Even without living in a step before a revolt, Berlin is practicising one of the highest-developed concepts of oppression in europe – every small spark of unrest is suffocated by any means neccessary, mass-arrests are already preprogrammed.
But who is arresting also has to be sure that the prisons are safe. Security is the only discourse these days, which is led by „democracy“. Without the many helping hands, security would be not able to be as established as it is. A company that is a well established wheel in this machine of oppession is the company B.I.N.N.S. They install electronic alarmsystems in all prisons in Berlin.

Their speciality is the connection of optic and sensoric alarm-triggering with the alarm-centre of the JVA (general name of prisons in Germany).
B.I.N.S.S. applies for commisions for the new planned prison in Großbeeren. For autonomous groups there is a need to beat up this part of the security-chain. We did that on the evening of the 24th march by torching a car of the company B.I.N.S.S. at Knipprodestraße, directly on the other side of the copstation. In the next weeks some more protagonists of the social war, that is practicised from the upper class on the lower classes, will stand in front of burnt out cars. Maybe aswell Franz Schultz, Görlitzer Straße 61. A perfect person of mediation for police-violence, be it at the eviction of Liebig 14 or at the first of may in Kreuzberg. Schulz, a liberal major, pretends to be different then Körting (senat of Berlin). But in reality they are brothers in spirit. As an outlook for all riot-tourists and fotographers of desasters:
Its worth to visit Berlin on the first of may!

Vandalism Team of autonomous groups”

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