Mexico: Communique for two bombings carried out in Toluca

from culmine, translated by war on society:

The pathological state alienates our “lives,” each surrogate activity of the mega machine is a gear that allows the technological-industrial system to specialize more and more–for example: biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology–even the struggle (from whichever front); all these are conditioned for money. The murderous capitalism now maximized by technological advances is present in each one of the routines of civilization.

And it is not new to give breath to the insurrection, except when it has been done to note that there are points where we converge and others where we sympathize, and this is the last point to touch on: the banking institutions, in addition to being the main symbol of domination today, are also the organizations that have permitted in a great way the artificiality of the world. Since their creation they have been loyal accomplices of authority; financiers of cloning, genetic modification or whichever other aberration, promoters of speciesism and globalization. Perhaps mentioning the quantity of pollution that these businesses have given us “altruistically” would be rather repetitive; what’s remarkable here is to point out strategically, although the banks have been attacked historically: frauds, expropriations and every type of sabotage–such as those recently made on armored money-transport cars–carried out randomly in many parts of the world, even this type of action has created sympathy among those outside of the insurrectionalist struggle.

In complicity with Luciano-Tortuga, in the early hours of 18th November 2011, we have detonated an explosive device of gas canisters in the ScotiaBank branch in a shopping plaza in the city of Toluca, likewise on 27th November we decided to return, this time a couple hours after noon, and we detonated another device of the same characteristics in the periphery of the plaza, without known physical or material damage, simply breaking everyday life with a great noise, dedicated to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

As a cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation we acclaim the international coordination of direct action against the banking institutions, without any pretension of solving the world’s problems or wanting to “revolutionize” society, since that would be reductionist. We encourage insurgents to share one horizon in order to forge a path that permits us to consider new horizons in common, each time more radical and tending towards anarchy!!


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