Argentina: Communique for bomb attack against police station

from culmine, translated by war on society:

Public communique:

The state functions and all of it smells of the prison, the streets, their corners, the cameras, the collective, the subway, school, work, hospitals!

One can live without a house and without food, one can live hungry. One can live without a state!

They affirm in TV discourses! that the state is always right, they say! False populism that hides a nationalism based in the maximum values of the family and of institutional order, in a call to national unity! to the safety of submission!!!

Reformist, progressivist “militancy” or “youth” under the dreadful name of the Campora (Hector Campora, cheapskate and loyal defender of the national cause driven by General Peron) in a civic-military alliance (in an appeal to the citizenry to occupy administrative responsibilities in police stations) to torture and kill, criminalize protest, create a state with abuse of power!

And they speak of equality, of human rights! of love, with mourning voice, while the people die in the prisons! sleep in the streets, die by police bullets or beatings in hospitals!

  • In vengeance for Bruno German Pappa (killed on the ground by the cop Enzo Fabian Alvarez)
  • Ariel Dominguez (killed from behind by the cop Mendoza)
  • Jonathan Damian (shackled to the hospital bed while he was brutally beaten by the police)
  • Hugo Arce and Carlos Vazquez (killed by happy trigger) by the cop Sergio Bovadilla!
  • Belen Bizuela (killed by a bullet in the head in La Rioja PCIA)

Kristina lies!!!

Voting is the dictatorship of the majority!

Down with the walls of all the prisons!

End to the police state of the Kirchnners, of the Macri, of the Garre!

No to the federal system of biometric identification!!!


Anti-Prison Insurrectional Cell Eduardo Maria Vazquez Aguirre.
claim bomb attack on police station 1 Avellaneda

* the communique, as published by the press, was in all caps.

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