Mattia and Fede – Deny every repentance

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“This text is earlier than “A break from the endless possibilities“. I want to underline this, not to create confusion for anyone who read, because my choice of “political break” has arrived after a long resuming with the comrade Mattia, and the “distance” created in the field of a “stance”, and has fixed in a consequential way the course of the events. Add a premise in the field of political choice is fundamental, because a priori one excludes act censorship that does not provide comparison/confrontation. I wanted to re-edit and translate this text because I consider it a valid tool based on anti-juridical choices.”
– Federico Buono

* * *

Mattia and Fede – Deny every repentance


Without a proper motion of indomitable will, we are overwhelmed by the events that parry before us, without the ability to translate in terms of opposition to that we live. The fear makes it “by owner” and cancels the slightest doubt about what the court of consistuted order erected against those who revolt : the sentences provived provide and outline the crude reality and the “keys” provide the certainty of the punishment, that reduces a thinking subject in a subject subjuated by the punishment inside a dark cell. The narrow walls with a limit whithout a horizon implement the constituency of their wishes turned into a existential nightmare. The interior revolt that dwelt in the depths of our inner life is destroyed and swept away in fragments of alienating nature.

The venom injected by a repressive structure is composed of elements and foundations to reduce, in terms of a voluntary subjection, individuals, and to their own free will have an essential weapon.

This “venom” penetrates to the bottom going to erode slowly, but surely his existential “experience”. Day after day the “power of refusal” inherent in a revolutionary subject deteriorates in favor of a “surrender” in a continous fold of its vital instincts.

Falling into enemy hands proves the repression destabilizing that in an instant his life was made, made of a clear as insecure certainty. This “certainty” composed of a thick bond aptitude of static emotional collapse when the structure that holds up and is in contact with an organism that builds its own domain. A recording of the “scalpel” of the quiet acquiescence determines the adjustment going to coercive influence in the barbed wire of his own conscience.

The cours of events as in a vise close the choices of statements about themselves, such as tightening handcuffs on his wrists. This “gap” plunges one’s consciousness into a brutal denial of the unique path in che choiches of own political acting. More the gap is deep, bigger is the fall in a vortex of schizophrenic transposition of the revolutionary and subjective significance : “react” to what comes against, in terms of repression, only serves to repress its own acts and defines their existential experience.

The mind soaks in the moment when the body has become a prisoner, whatever the view framed in a swirl of thoughts that collapse in contact with the structures of power that go to occlude our living spaces. “Act” reverse disrupts this “reaction” and sweeps/distorts the weaknesses that limit a revolutionary path, canceling any acquiescence given by civil cohabitation.

To act means to be endowed with a subjectivity of potential offensive. The surging power expands one’s being in opposition to the dominant norms and in overcoming and refusing to recognize the fundamental doctrines required by the power. When you “fall” in the hands of the enemy, the known tools are necessary in a propulsive way in order to don’t yield to the enemy’s attempts to subordinate the individual. Do not give into blackmail when you are prisoners is and should be the key to continue, albeit within the physical and mental limits of own prison, a revolutionary path.

“Do not submit to an interrogation, refuse radically the whole legal-slavish and incriminating practice, means refusing to endorse not only the rules of the democratic game, highlighting what is the state, but also means refusing to endure the Oedipization1 by the magistrate on duty. Re-establishing the correct distance between the state and us, his irreconcilable enemies.”
-P. Porcu

Being irreducible enemies of those who stands as a judge, of those consider themselves as accusers and all those who “represent” the overpowering system domain, breaks with the inherent weakness of attachment in a consensual understanding of the relationship with the “society of order”, which uses a doctrine based on laws and attenuation of personal revolutionary path and not on the opposition in the way of negation. Experimenting the attack against the established order means to go a step further in a continous search for impetuous radicalism. Carrying out this denial and prospecting of continous and intransigent revolutionary action right now without hesitation and prevarication, even before a dismal courtroom.

We pounce on the enemy by flipping the hourglass of time, waiting for the moment of the explosion and the leave of our antiauthoritarian time. Making harder the war following the evolution of our enemy and trying to find its vulnerabilities to prepare the next shot. This is how we choose to move and live.”

Overturn every point of contact with the enemy, means not surrender to the constraints imposed and not get subordinated to accepting our own role imposed of sacrificial victim. Decline the dualistic view attested by behavioral rules of acceptance decided by courts of order is supposed to be in a constant pace in revolt against all forms of permanent democratic stance.

The denial of every “repentance” sets in the act of this denial, what is the hidden meaning which determines the choices in a revolutionary context that take place in the society of zombies-overpowering domain.

Mattia and Fede


1- Oedipus is a greek mythological character who emodies the role of the penitent. He’s also the man who solves the riddles of the Sphynx. After having cursed his children and after committing himself the murder of his father, he will repent in the woods of the Erinnies : winged goddesses that affect offenders with remorse and console the penitents. Oedipus surrenderend himself and, acting like that, accomplished the prophecy. From here the word “edipizzare”, or in other words, make it as Oedipus.

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