5 Anarchists arrested in Bologna; raids against anarchists in many other Italian cities


Update: A 6th comrade arrested in Ferrara.

from actforfreedomnow:

A new police and judiciary raid against anarchists in Italy has hit the city of Bologna, and in particular the comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’. The charge is ‘organized crime with aims of subversion’ and refers to both public campaigns and attacks against banks, ENI (the Italian energy multinational involved in nuclear activities and in business with the Libyan regime), structures linked to the Bologna migrants detention centre and other centres of economic and political power.

The investigation is alleged to date back to 2006. Searches have been also carried out in 16 towns all over Italy, where material especially linked to the Bologna comrades has been seized.

5 comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, whom the investigators consider the ‘promoters of the association’, are being held in prison whereas another 7 have been inflicted restrictions of various kinds.

It is the usual way of the Italian repressive forces: wherever there is an active presence of anarchist comrades who stand up against power and its many manifestations, spectacular judicial frame ups are set out, comrades considered as interesting targets by power are arrested and dozens of searches are carried out all over the Italian territory against those who are viewed as accomplices or simple friends of the arrested.

The comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, like many other anarchists in many Italian places, are among those who do not stay silent in front of the misery of this society, speak out loudly and carry out activities with anarchist means in the struggle for freedom and against exploitation. Everything our comrades do becomes therefore a target for the inquisitors: leaflets, anarchist papers, meetings, demos, the most disparate initiatives. Needless to say, there is no evidence linking the arrested anarchists to the actions they are accused of as the reason for this nth repressive wave is to be found in the mere nature of anarchist struggle, in the generosity and tenacity of our comrades and in their resolute and unshakable struggle for freedom.

Unconditional solidarity to the anarchists of ‘Fuoriluogo’. Fuck the Italian judiciary and its pigs in uniform or in plain clothes.

-An accomplice of ‘Fuoriluogo’.

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