Greece: Solidarity with the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle

from contrainfo:

‘The insurgents are right’

with the members of REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE
and and all those who are prosecuted for the same case

The gathering call of solidarity

The case of social liberation within a revolutionary perspective
is always current because the chains of the repressed of this decayed world will only break if we fight by all means.

All the subversive purposes ought to get organized in common without creating matters of division within the struggle for the social liberation. It is important to realize that the means used for the overthrow of the current system are choices that all converge in the same direction.

The armed struggle is a radical form of struggle and should be analyzed as such. It is another choice within the polymorphous action of the revolutionary and radical movement, since it propels the actual and direct confrontation against the state and its mechanisms of exploitation.

The comrades that are prosecuted for the case of the Revolutionary Struggle continue to give meaning to the struggle with their speech and criticism for the overthrow of the State and Capitalism inside and outside the cells of democracy and courts.

 Assembly for the case of Revolutionary Struggle

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