Chile: Francisco Moreno sentenced and in the street; Mono and Gonzalo in prison again

from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

Francisco Moreno sentenced to 3 years and a day, but is in the street

On July 14, 2011, Francisco is arrested in a massive student march, accused of throwing a molotov bomb at the Brazilian embassy resulting in a riot police officer wounded and another with severe burns.

Francisco was detected by plainclothes police who identified him by his clothing, photographing him while hooded, being the first of the prisoners arrested in the context of the struggle in the street.

After remaining detained for 5 months in the prison-business Santiago 1 in module 35, the comrade underwent an abbreviated trial, taking responsibility for the actions.

A proceeding was finally accepted for the transportation and throwing of an incendiary bomb and assaulting the police, dismissing the charge of attempted homicide, accepting a sentence of 3 years and 1 day and immediately opting for probation, remaining from now on in the street by signature.

At 12 at night on January 3rd after a long preventive detention, Pancho left the extermination centers to find himself in the street with his loved ones.

We fraternally salute the comrade who is now in the street away from the jailers.

Prisoners of the struggle in the streets, to the street!

All the revolutionaries in prison, to the street!

*   *   *

“Freedom” of Cristobal Franke and Gonzalo Zapata revoked, they are incarcerated again.

On September 11, 2011 in the manifestations in protest of a new anniversary of the military coup and its democratic continuation, a police officer received a powerful beating in which Cristobal and Gonzalo are accused of participating. Both, el Mono [Cristobal] as much as el Rusio [Gonzalo] entered the prison remaining in the Maximum Security Section of the Special High Security Unit.

After spending almost 3 months in preventive prison, on December 26, 2011, the court order left them with nocturnal house arrest, but the Department of the Interior appealed the decision to the court of appeals, revoking the measure on January 4, 2012.

The politics of the Department of the Interior in the cases of comrades who’ve fallen for political motives is the same as always: opposing and interfere with all available tools the comrades’ release to the street and their situation. That is the politics of the State.

Finally, the prosecution has announced that they will request more investigation time, there is hearing where it will be seen if effectively they allow more investigative time or if the period will close on January 16, in which case the case will go directly to trial.

We don’t yet know on what floor, if they will be together or separate, or if the prison situation of the comrades is changed. Nor do we forget the comrade Zerman Elias, who remains in the same prison accused of throwing molotov bombs at a police car, who still remains awaiting trial.

The call is to continue active solidarity with Cristobal and Gonzalo; comrades in the struggle are never alone. A strong embrace in these hard times; remaining firm and upright in one’s anti-authoritarian convictions within the dungeons is what keeps us alive and gives us a reason to live for.

End to all the trials that seek to judge the ideas/practices of freedom!

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