Communique from Gonzalo Zapata and Cristobal Franke

from lt, translated by war on society:

Again the bars, the walls, the cameras and those uniformed pieces of meat.

We return to the physical space in which we spend several months, and which even if it were years would still be foreign. The trials and the prison are tools of the enemy to punish, but we do not ever accustom ourselves to captivity, we never recognize their justice and we make every day a constant struggle for our convictions.

On December 26 at the request of our lawyers a hearing was held with the goal of ending preventive prison, that same day we left the UEAS (Special High Security Unit) where we were received in the street by our loved ones.

That day we remained with nocturnal house arrested, weekly signing at the prosecution and a ban from leaving the country. From there we spent 9 days in the street until this measure was revoked by the Department of the Interior who opposed it and appealed in the Court. In that hearing in the Court of Appeals of Santiago, the same information was proposes as when they conceded us to house arrest, but the decision is no surprise, it is these subjects who recognize us as a threat and thus they want to put us under lock and key.

Now we return to prison, the investigation period ended today, but the complainants asked for an extension in order to keep us imprisoned. The dates and the times lengthen, the comrades in the prison stay there, we do not ever forget that because it is the shows of support that pass through the walls and encourage us, we remember that we are not alone.

We are happy for the comrade Francisco Moreno that yesterday he left the Santiago 1 prison and also our support to all the comrades imprisoned in the different prisons of the world.

Only struggle will make us free!!
Prisoners of the social war to the Street!
Until all the cages are opened!!
In memory of the Weichafe Matias Catrileo now 4 years after his murder!!

Gonzalo Zapata Rosas, Prisionero Politico
Cristobal Franke- Mono, Prisionero Politico Antiautoritario
January 4, 2012

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