France: Some actions in early January 2012

Some briefs from France via social war site cette semaine.

Speed camera sabotage; Fire destroys boats; Impound company devastated by fire.
Bordes, France: Radar vandalized for the second time
January 10, 2012 (Southwest France)
translated from cette semaine

The speed camera installed on the RD938 (road from Pau to Nay) to Bordes which is not yet in service has been vandalized twice.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the plastic film surrounding the radar was set on fire. It melted and blackened the speedometer without causing serious damage.

On 22 December, while the radar was not yet serviced, the wire of the platform was burned.

The Nay community police brigades has began an investigation.

Marseille, France: A fire destroys boats docked on the Old Port
January 8, 2012 (Southern France)
translated from cette semaine

Six boats were burned – two completely destroyed and four partially – by fire last night around 11:40 p.m. at the Quai de Rive Neuve, in the Old Port of Marseille. 37 firefighters and 11 marine-equipment were mobilized to extinguish the fire on the boats, according to the brigade Marseilles.

Oullins, France: Impounded devastated by fire
January 8, 2012 (Southwestern France)
translated from cette semaine

Sunday morning fire destroyed the premises of Ingecar: This company is none other than the provider of the impound facility of Oullins and surrounding districts.

Firefighters responded shortly before 8 o’clock. 35 firefighters where mobilized to extinguish the flames. The fire from a car weakened the roof of the facility, making it extremely difficult to save.

The fire was under control around 11. The balance sheet is … eleven cars burned, six crushed in the collapse of the steel structure, 300 meters of the building was torn and blackened about fifty cars.

An investigation has been opened, but investigators are already believed the fire is of criminal nature, the two access gates were torn open …

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