Marco Camenisch begins new hunger strike solidarity initiative

from culmine, partial translation by war on society:

From January 20 to 29, 2012 I take on a hunger strike, this Initiative as a solidarity Participation in our Struggle against the WEF [World Economic Forum] in Davos, where the greatest megalomaniacs and greedy Hypocrites, Exploiters, Oppressors and Destroyers in the State, Capital and Lackeys return brazenly and well-sheltered to “Save” their techno-industrial System that is in irreversible global Crisis.


[The WEF intends] the Completion of their global Dictatorship of techno-industrial Production-fascism and Consumption-fascism as the ultimate Destruction, Exploitation and Domination over Man, Nature and Earth.

Bio- and nano-technologies are part of this year’s Focus in their Themes. … Not by chance, because they are concerned with the ultimate and irreversible widespread technological and scientific Weapons and Instruments to their Perfection. They are the ultimate Weapons and Instruments for total Colonization, Control, Exploitation, Contamination and Destruction of Life, our Life, the Planet, our Planet, and further Colonization and Pollution of the Universe.

Obviously, this Initiative is also an Expression of my overarching tendency of revolutionary internationalist solidarity, as our main Weapon against the Repression of the global neo-fascist techno-scientific Dictatorship of State and Capital.

Solidarity, Freedom and Love to you, Comrade Andi

Solidarity, Freedom and Love to all the political and “non-political” combatant Hostages of Dictatorship and

Solidarity and Love to all the “Galaxies” and Individuals who honest in Word and Deed, struggle for total Freedom and therefore for the total Abolition of the State/Capital/techno-industrial System.

Love and Remembrance to all Comrades who have fallen in this Struggle, in my “Galaxy”, Lambros, Mauri, Zoe…

Solidarity and Love to all rebel Groups and Individuals across my “Galaxy”, whether FAI/IRF or not, also I proudly welcome all of your Actions!

Solidarity and Love to all those who are slandered and shame on all those who slander the revolutionary direct Action, and thus slander all of us!

Solidarity, Freedom and Love to you, Costa, Billy, Silvia

To you, Gabriel, you captive brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece, Billy and Eat in Indonesia, you comrades of the “caso bombas” in Chile, you Tortuga, Tamara, Juan Carlos, all the anarchist Prisoners in the World.

Marco, Lager Lenzburg, January 2012

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