Switzerland: Marco, Silvia and Billy on hunger strike against the WEF

We receive and transmit:
This is a flyer that has been distributed during the demo against the World Economic Forum in Bern (Switzerland) on the 21st of January 2012. We are translating the communiques of Marco, Silvia and Billy about the strike, they will be available soon.

The three green anarchist prisoners held in the Swiss jails decided to join the week of mobilization against the World Economic Forum, which will be held in Switzerland during these days. Marco and Silvia went on hunger strike for 10 days, since 20th to 30th of January 2012. Billy is abstaining from prison food and refusing to work (working is compulsory in Swiss jails), against the WEF but also as a response to their prison conditions, more precisely for the liberation of Marco Camenisch in May 2012 and against the presence of divisory glass in the visits of friends.

Marco Camenisch was incarcerated in Switzerland in 1991, he’s always been active in green anarchist struggles; Silvia and Billy were arrested, along with Costa, in April 2010 in Zurich for having tried to attack with explosives the newly built nanotechnology research center of IBM.

We’re not surprised by the fact that this year in the schedule of WEF they will also deal with nanotechnologies, because, as with all the technological systems and even more the new technologies (nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and cybernetics), they are not neutral but subjected to the ones who manage economics, and a further tool in the hands of those who hold power.

While the state and corporations bosses meet with each other to impose the new world economic developments, in the labs experts and researchers study to create new means with which to increase social control, strengthen the soldiers, try to make our lives even more artificial and automized, till the point of manipulating the living. Manipulations that provoke devastating and irreversible effects in the earth equilibriums and on human and non human animals.

We will always fight against those who are turning the earth into a land of plastic and concrete, commodities and technologies, industries and offices: a world devoid of life.

Against the State and capital which, with their dominating and exploitative logics want human beings to be slaves, the animals to be good, and the planet to be an infinite source of things to sack.

The WEF event cannot but increase our anger and desire to keep on struggling, in and outside jails.

Solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike!

Solidarity to Marco, Silvia, Billy and Costa.

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