Intellectual Vagabond Editions – announcing My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation against all Authority

from intellectual vagabond editions:

The first issue of My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation against all Authority has come off the press. It is a paper of anarchist ideas, literature, analysis and reviews from an explicitly egoist and individualist perspective. I intend to put forward an anti-capitalist, non-market egoist perspective aimed at encouraging the interweaving of individual insurrections against all forms of authority, domination, enslavement and enforcement of conformity. I will not present any blueprints for an ideal society… I leave that to the various politicians and preachers seeking converts and cadre rather than accomplices.

I intend to publish My Own frequently, but am not setting a specific schedule so that my life and my project can play together more easily.

I will be glad to look at any writings submitted to the paper, and if I think that they fit with what I want to do with this project I will use them.

My Own is available for $1 or two first-class stamps an issue. Subscriptions are $5 for 6 issues. If you would like multiple copies for distribution, an order of 5 or more of a single issue will be 60% of the cover price, or 60¢ per copy.

To get information for ordering and subscribing, contact me at My_Own(at)

Apio Ludd

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