Chile: Communique from the Renzo Novatore Informal Circle for attack on police station

Correction: Our original translation was misleading; on second reading it appears the device was made to look like an explosive device but was not intended to be operational. The translation has been corrected slightly. Apologies. – war on society.

from culmine, translated by war on society:

Thus begins the week of agitation and propaganda for freedom of the accused in the “bombs case“…

Today April 14, about 11:40 a.m. we approached the police station located in the Baquedano metro and installed a supposed explosive device in a bag, with a note inside: “You have minutes to live, prisoners on hunger strike to the street, (A), Renzo Novatore Informal Circle”

Two empty cans of air freshener, a Chinese alarm clock, wires and some tape were enough to disfigure the face of the policeman on duty who found the package, cold sweat and a clumsy police deployment for an action that seeks to instill fear in those who daily use their authority as a method of control.

How many times have we seen the fear in the face of a student persecuted by the police or the sobs of an immigrant beaten in a police station while bursting in morbid laughs… Today I hit them while some (the always irreducible) burst out howling in complicit laughter

Not a minute of silence, a lifetime of combat. Prisoners to the street

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