The Day of the Combatant Youth is not a protest

from liberaciontotal, translation we received and publish:

If there is anything as stupid as analyzing or believing that March 29th is a day of celebration, it is to analyze and understand it as a day of protest, it isn’t under any circumstances, because it has always been one more day of Revolt and Social War in memory of the fallen of this long war. This date was never meant to be a protest, because we understand that term as a demand or quest for dialogue with power. To the contrary, we seek for the 29th of March, another day of battle against the powerful through action coordinated or not but always insurrectionary and of the streets. This is not a protest, this is a war and coming to a 29th of March we must begin to coordinate, stress, and execute all kinds of action that serve social war (or antisocial) against all forms of authority.

Far beyond the Vergara Toledo brothers:

Nor should we center the day of the young combatant on the figures of Rafael and Eduardo, we know that one March 29th they were killed by the police of the Pinochet dictatorship, but this day is much more than them and if anyone thinks that it is only a memorial to the Vergara Toledo brothers, they are very much mistaken. On the 29th we remember, in rebellion, all of the fallen; their names are many and we know that there are many more anonymous, but we also know that with each death come more fighters and militant acts, actions which are not for specific days but of a daily and constant war.

We send an embrace of solidarity full of love to all prisoners of war, especially Tortuga, to the three people imprisoned after the clashes of the 26th of the month outside the Ex Peda and to the prisoners of the Caso Segurity, as we also want for this embrace to multiply through all Chilean territory and reach the wounded of an attack on power in Chillán who we hope are safe and healthy today, all our strength and that solidarity  is not made to wait, for in Greece and Indonesia, and all the rebels of the world. ¡Salud, and you are not alone!



written by Algunxs Antisociales Salvajes
[Some Anti-social Savages


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