France: Explosive attack against the Indonesia embassy in Paris

A bomb explodes in front of the Indonesia Embassy in Parisfrom the press, 21 March 2012:

A bomb of artisan manufacturing has exploited this Wednesday in front of the Indonesia Embassy in Paris, without causing casualties, although damage.

“The Embassy of Indonesia in Paris reported an explosion at one of the intersections near the building to the 5.20 hours”, has confirmed the Coordinating Minister for Legal Affairs, political and security of Indonesia, Djoko Suyanrto.

Suyanrto has indicated that there is no victims among people working in the diplomatic headquarters. “The Ambassador is in place, but has been unable to move away”, the Indonesian official said. Nevertheless, yes there has been material damage, the Windows are broken.

Questioned about the reasons for this attack, Suyanrto has pointed out that, for the moment, is unknown what was the target of the bomb.

Police sources consulted by the daily Le Parisien reported that several witnesses have seen three men placed a package near the Embassy of Indonesia in Paris, located in the 16th district.

A person has been a suspect package in front of the Embassy and found that it was a bomb of craft manufacture, so her it has departed about ten meters from the property and has then fled.

A bomb explodes in front of the Indonesia Embassy in Paris

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