“Today I went out into the night,” song by Nido del cuco

As a small gesture for Tortuga at the start of the State’s trial against him, we share this song made and dedicated by Nido del cuco. Our translation of the lyrics and the video’s text is below.

All our care and strength in these difficult times. STRENGTH, TORTUGA!

Today I went out into the night, sad and cold,
and looked toward the walls
that torment us
I asked myself if some day
you’ll look beyond
the moon
and I write on a wall
a phrase that was said
fire to capital
and I thought on when there was not
the urgent necessity to make money
to have money
we will laugh like children
without fear of punishment
because we won’t feel guilt
for living without repression

It exploded in our eyes
now it only remains to flee
to return tomorrow to find each other
and feel
something that smells of life to us
something that smells of life to me
that smells of life to us
that smells of life to me
and finally we will embrace
the thorns without compromise
to the death

“And my actions upon sleeping are aimed
so that on waking in the morning, I will break with routine
and in individual action with a chest of stone,
swelled by the destruction of this and any society.
Do me a favor: endeavor to live anarchy”

– Mauricio Morales (An ungovernable fallen in combat)

These wild howls… to all those beings kidnapped and persecuted by those who maintain power.

Let’s destroy all the prisons, physical and mental.

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