On the recent arrests in Chile from the Network in Support of Freddy, Marcelo and Juan

from freddymarcelojuan, transl waronsociety:

On Monday morning, sad news came to us. The comrades Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva had been detained during the early hours by carabineros in Chile, who found explosive materials while searching their belongings. All this happened the same day that new hearings began against our comrades Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel.

A few hours later, the rigorous raids began, and our comrade Carla was transferred from the 13th Precinct to the Center of Feminine Orientation (COF), and Ivan, locked away in Santiago 1. Both remain in prion for a minimum period of 100 days, accused of “attempted placement of explosive device of a terrorist nature,” according to the enemy’s language.

While the Chilean Minister of the Interior Hinzpeter rejoiced with the arrests, which really and profoundly disgusted us, the prosecution and the press tried to construct ties with others accused under the anti-terrorist law, in order to aggravate the compas‘ situation in the judicial sense. The evidence, as usual, is absurd (letters, books, posters, and even a solidarity bond).

Nevertheless, we do not want to stop here. On the contrary, we believe that attention should be put on concrete and direct solidarity action, and this is what we want to point out. Beyond the strategies, languages and realities of each comrade who takes up and acts on this war, we feel proud of the practices and courage of our own. It is something that we own and that we are never going to repent.

So, with this brief communique, in which all of our emotions in a moment like this could never be included, we intend to incite the taking on of a commitment, to pass from mere mention or basic support, we are speaking of revolutionary solidarious commitment, the commitment to extend and heighten the latent conflict, also to spread this information between the different imprisoned comrades, to organize and to not bow the head before authority’s onslaughts.

We will inform you of any news, but the facts are concrete, and there is not much lacking for the rebel consciousness to know what has to be done.

From the Network in Support of Freddy, Marcelo and Juan, we greet and send all our strength to Carla and Ivan.

Compañerxs: You are not alone!
Only the struggle makes us free!
While there is misery there will be rebellion!

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