Denver, CO: Claim for May 1 attacks on Starbucks and cop car

communique from coloradoindymedia:

After a day in the sun and streets of Denver and a rowdy-as-hell May Day demo, some queer anarchist demons of the nights let their hair down and gave some gentrifying fucks a much-needed makeover. These comrades are sick of seeing property prices in the formerly working-class Highlands neighborhood skyrocket, all due to yuppies, their condos, and the corporations that invade to please them.

These comrades grew tired of seeing that ugly beige Starbucks on Federal, so they gave it a new paint job. Five paint bombs gave the storefront a beautiful facelift; a concrete planter was also liberated into a few pieces during the action. The queer demons of the night attacked Starbucks for the role they play in gentrification, but also for their co-opting of queer struggle. Starbucks recently endorsed a push for gay marriage, an assimilationist goal of white, cis-gendered, upper-class gays. We have no desire to become part of the system that destroys us, and we will never assimilate to the society of oppression built and maintained by heterosexism and cissexism. This action was also carried out in solidarity with the Starbucks Workers’ Union of the IWW, and their struggle for recognition.

Later that night, this merry band of queers attacked a police car parked outside a private residence with another paint bomb. Cops are also part of the gentrifying force in the Highlands, harassing the working class and defending the property of yuppies and corporations (a lot of good that did for the Starbucks). Pigs have a long history of attacking queer folk, from the Compton Cafeteria riots and continuing today. While not a direct confrontation, the message gets across: we know you’re in our hood, and we don’t like it. Either quit your job, or put a bullet in your own head.

All of these actions were carried out in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans* and black self-defense prisoner of war. She is currently on trial, facing murder charges in Minneapolis, MN after getting into a fight with a neo-nazi and some transphobes. Honee Bea, you’re in our hearts and minds!

We also stand in solidarity with our comrade arrested during the May Day demo due to the actions of so-called “marshals” who are also self-proclaimed pacifists. In every Occupy Denver altercation, it has ALWAYS been the “pacifists” who physically start shit with the “violent anarchists.” Fuck off and die, peace nazis. Especially Roshan Bliss and Tanner Spendley; you’re both on our shit-list, you liberal, snitching scum.

Solidarity to all prisoners, especially our queer and trans* liberation prisoners of war. We’re coming for you, comrades.

Until all cages are empty,

The CeCe McDonald Brigade

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