Urgent: Police raid Portland squat and arrest anarchist on 72 felony charges

UPDATE: A brief statement from a comrade:
[The PPD] broke down our door and stormed our house, detained and interrogated us, and tore our house apart under writ of a warrant. This warrant was issued to collect evidence to indict my roommate Pax for 72 FELONY CHARGES of property destruction and criminal mischief, as well as determine other members of his/our immediate community who could also face prosecution for these charges. They took our phones and computers. They threatened and intimidated us. They destroyed our home. They ignored one person’s medical condition that was aggravated by the stress of detainment. They made me sit in cuffs with nothing but my underwear on. They denied our demands to speak with legal counsel. Worst of all, they took our friend and are actively trying to pin an incomprehensible amount of charges on him.”

from the police:

Today, Thursday May 3, 2012, the Portland Police Bureau arrested 25-year-old Byran Michael Wiedeman on seventy-two counts of criminal mischief related to an investigation into multiple bank and ATM vandalisms in Portland.

Officers served a search warrant today at 6104 North Mississippi Avenue, where Wiedeman and 4 others were squatting. Wiedeman was arrested while 4 others at the residence were detained and released at the scene.

This investigation stretches nearly two years and involves vandalisms at the Hollywood Key Bank branch and the U.S. Bank branch in Southeast Portland on February 29, 2012; as well as vandalism at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus in July 2010.

The investigation at this point is continuing and detectives will continue to analyze computers and phone seized during the search warrant as well as bank surveillance video collected during this investigation. Additional arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

Wiedeman was charged with thirty-six counts of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief in the First Degree and thirty-six counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree.

Bail is set at $360,000. A Multnomah County Grand Jury will hear the charges against Wiedeman in the next week.

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  2. Contra Info says:

    -> http://freepax.org

    On the morning of May 3rd over a dozen members of the Portland Police Department stormed a North Portland house and tore it apart on a warrant to indite our friend Bryan Michael Wiedeman (widely known as Pax) on 72 felony charges for “conspiracy to commit criminal mischief” and “criminal mischief” as apparently part of a two year grand jury investigation. The preposterousness of these charges (64 were dropped within a couple days), is clearly intended to terrorize and silence radical communities throughout the pacific northwest. But we’re going to show them how strong our solidarity is.

    Pax had his first day in court Friday May 4th at 2pm, he was assigned a public defendant and the judge claimed there was probable cause for the 72 felony charges (despite the fact that 64 were dropped later that night). People are attempting to raise funds for his now much lowered bail of $4000. His next court date will be Monday May 14th at 9am in the Portland Justice Center. Further updates, public announcement listserv, resources, calender and a direct donations jar to follow shortly.

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  4. Contra Info says:

    We’ve paid Pax’s $4k bond! He’ll be out either very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. More updates when we know more. (Bail was originally set at $360k, but reduced when 64 of the charges were abandoned.)”

    via shitty facebook (http://www.facebook.com/FreePaxana)


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