Public communique before the coming end to the “bombs case” political trial

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

To those who supported us through the whole course of this long process
To those who felt, from near or far, the arrests of August 2010
To those who were in the streets demonstrating, or outside (and within) the police stations…
To those who were in the lines at the prisons carrying bags
To those who saw their loved ones surrounded by bars, cameras and guards
To the ones who themselves felt the hunger that was used as a method of struggle
To all individuals or collectives who from their spaces and differences made themselves present
To the ones who made from solidarity the gesture best suited to them
To the ones who from afar and with warrants out for their arrest kept being present
To those who were happy with every time someone was released to the street and with every stumbling block of the prosecution
To those who celebrated the fall of the illicit association charges and the definitive dismissal of some compas
To all those who stay attentive to the trial
To those who rallied all around the globe

It has already been almost two years since the arrests under Operation Salamandra and 5 months since the beginning of the trial against Carlos Riveros, Francisco Solar, Felipe Guerra, Mónica Caballero and Omar Hermosilla risking sentences of between 3 to 15 years.

Close to the end of this process and the imminent declaration of sentence, we want to through these words reactivate the networks of solidarity and the interest of all those who were present during this long time. And to thus remind that the freedom of 5 comrades is still in danger.

During these 5 months, the prosecution’s frame-up has been demonstrated, we have seen the exhibition of fragmented evidence, false testimonies, statements of protected witnesses who in the end were never presented in the trial, falsification of signatures and tendentious experts.

At the same time, the demonstration of this “judicial action” against “terrorists” is nothing but a political persecution against all those who position themselves in struggle and irreducibly seek freedom. To be presented: books, posters, photographs of attendance at events, counter-information pages, libraries, squats, former-militancy of comrades and support of prisoners, as part of the “incipient domestic terrorism.”

One must not forget that this frame-up is framed within the application of the anti-terrorist law created during the dictatorship to imprison the armed resistance. In democracy, this legislated is perfected, modernized, even widened in order to persecute the new internal enemy.

In actuality this law has been dusted off by power, returning as a tool of punishment ever more frequent in the south as well as in the capitol. In Santiago, there are 9 people accused under it, the bombs case will be the first sentencing that will be known from these processes.

While we do not know the final result of all this repressive roundup, we can envision some preliminary conclusions like the undeniable perfecting of the political tactics in their relentless siege, the huge database of dates and information which the police intelligence has provided to invent connections and justify scenarios, which shows us that the apparatuses of power have no limits and spare no effort.

Although everyone can draw their own infinite reflections, it seems important to be attentive to any other type of reaction or action on the part of power, not necessarily framed in the courts.

While the terrorism of the state has judicially used relations of friendship, family and politics to create fear and apathy between points of solidarity and affinity, we likewise make a call to be part of this final stage of the trial, to stay alert and informed and to be creative, because the isolation is precisely what power’s objective is.

If they condemn one, they condemn all.
Solidarity with those still accused in the Bombs Case.
To be alert and informed. We make a call to a solidarity meeting outside the (in)justice center on the day of the sentencing.

Grouping of family and friends for the freedom
of the prisoners of the Bombs Case.

May 2012.

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