Mexico: Riot police bus torched in Mexico City

from Liberación Total (April 30, 2012) translated by This Is Our Job:

Don’t you have any other excuses besides a simple short circuit?

Could it be because we took action right in front of you and you didn’t even realize it?

Comrades, during the night of Monday, April 23, we torched a bus used for transporting the grenadier corps (riot police) to suppress conflicts, blockades, demonstrations, etc. At around 11 p.m., we placed an incendiary device in one of the several buses parked right beside the juvenile prison located at the corner of Avenida Obrero Mundial and Calle Peten in the Narvarte suburb of Mexico City. The incendiary device carried out its task perfectly. Though our main goal was to set fire to two buses, for various reasons we only placed one device. When we say we took action right in front of them, not only are we referring to the location of the buses behind the prison, but also to the patrol car with its lit siren and two prison guards armed with rifles a mere five meters from our target.

We didn’t attack the property of the police in response to the “injustices” they perpetrate, since we don’t believe in the justice that underpins their repressive acts. We set their property on fire as a form of attack on the very existence of police and prisons. As anarchists, we can’t frame our actions within demands that plainly advocate for citizenist causes, whether they involve tiny reforms in response to enormous problems or mere calls to punish the authorities that—under certain “policies”—are accused of incompetence, oppression, or governing badly. We should stay far away from adopting “revolutionary” slogans that perpetuate the existence of prisons, the State, and Capital. We must struggle for the complete destruction of this and any other kind of prison society!

We claim this action in solidarity with anticivilization Anarchist comrade Braulio Durán, who one day decided to take that important step in the struggle, who didn’t just sit around with a mouthful of words and instead shifted into action, who is currently imprisoned in the State’s dungeons in León, Guanajuato. We show solidarity with comrade Tortuga in Chile and we Avenge brother Mauri, who fell in combat. Solidarity with the anarchist compas suffering reprisals at the hands of the Italian State! Solidarity with the comrade prisoners from the Fire Cells Conspiracy and Revolutionary Struggle in Greece! Solidarity with the brothers and sisters recently arrested on charges of explosives possession in Chile! Revolutionary solidarity with the arrested and fugitive comrades in Barcelona!

We are warriors for freedom. We have chosen our path, and it is hard sometimes. But with conviction and total determination we move forward and do not allow ourselves to be defeated, since in our struggle against the State and Capital there can be no truce with those who want to impose their authority on us. And as a prayer, the old insurrectionary anarchist slogans:

Neither dialogue with Power, Nor mediation with the State and its institutions!

Social war on all fronts!

Long live anarchy!

—International Solidarity Conspiracy
(Informal Anarchist Federation)

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