Spain: Nihilist Anarchists communique for nights of burned cars (videos)

from culmine, transl waronsociety, communique:

Recount of the vehicles burned in Cataluña and Barcelona during 2011 and so far in 2012.

The city from the bombs will burn once again!!!

Pedralbes – March 27, 2010.
In the wealthy neighborhood of Pedralbes, at 4:30 PM and taking advantage of the absence of excessive pedestrians, a small parking area of luxury motorcycles was attacked with molotov cocktails, setting fire to 5 bikes.

Salt – January 14, 2011.
On January 14 at 4 AM two luxury cars were set on fire upon learning the sad news of a youth assaulted by police brutality and fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit.

Salt – January 15, 2011.
The night of January 15 in the early hours, 12 vehicles mostly luxury cars and belonging to capitalist businesses were set on fire and streets were blocked with burning dumpsters.

Salt – January 20, 1011.
The news comes out of the youth assaulted by the police has died in the hospital, and with this, the number of crimes of homicide in the state police agency keeps mounting. The night when the news is found out, 5 cars and 13 dumpsters are burned in the streets of Salt. Two of the cars that were burned were in the private parking area of the local police station, where also graffiti reading, “You’ve killed one of ours,” was left.
Apart from these actions, people without political connotation throughout 2011 burned vehicles and attacked police stations in the area, as well as immigrants arrested for combating the racism of the Catalan institutions. In spite of these actions not being entirely framed within our revolutionary strategy, we are obliged to salute and congratulate the social layers that alone began to fight against the system that robs us of life.

Raval – February 22, 2011.
In the Raval neighborhood from 3 to 4 AM, two luxury cars are burned near Rambla del Raval.

Calle Aribau – July 21, 2011.
On Calle Aribau in downtown Barcelona on July 21, 2011 at 12 PM, 3 molotov cocktails were thrown at a parking area of luxury cars located at #242 on that street, causing 3 cars to burn.

Barcelona metropolitan area:
– Avenida Maresme.
On Avenida Maresme two FedEx vehicles were burned at 2 AM on February 4, 2012. On February 5, two luxury cars were burned at 11:40 PM. Between the 6th to the 7th, two more were burned and finally on February 8 at 4:30 AM another was burned.
– March 7, 2011: A Prosegur company van was set on fire.

On July 9, the sad news arrived that a youth named Ramón Barrios who was locked up in a juvenile facility was found dead in a penitentiary center. The body showed signs of hostility and wounds and given the disputes with the guards of the juvenile facility, it is sufficiently clear that it was a murder by the state against another precarious youth.
– On July 19 at 3 AM two cars of construction companies were burned in memory of the comrade murdered by the state.
– In the early hours of September 7-8, 2011, two luxury cars were burned. On the 25th of the same month, two more.
– Llefià: The night of October 13-14 at 4 AM, 2 cars of a construction company were burned with 3 molotovs; then, the night of the 14-15th two luxury vehicles were burned (a car and a motorcycle).

Horta – October 31, 2011.
At 2:00 AM, molotov cocktails were thrown into a parking area of luxury cars in the d’Horta neighborhood. 5 cars and a motorcycle were burned, also, the fire damaged another 5 vehicles (4 cars and another motorcycle), in total 9 vehicles were affected by the fire. On the walls outside, graffiti was left reading: “Fire to the reformatories.”

Ripollet – December 15, 2011.
A company-owned van was attacked with a small and simple gas-bomb device at 5:40 PM.


Bon Pastor – January 27, 2012.
At 2:40 AM in a neighborhood parking area 3 vehicles were burned. A car and a motorcycle, both luxury models, and a personal car of a police officer.

Barcelona Metropolitan Area – March 6, 2012.
– Calle de Asia: 3 cars were burned, two of the company Asca and one a luxury car, at 3:00 AM.
– Avenida Marqués de SantMori: Two luxury vehicles and a Prosegur car were burned at around 3:02 AM.

MercatNou – April 12, 2012.
At approximately 11:40 PM, a luxury car located outside of a bank branch was engulfed in flames.

Bon Pastor – April 14, 2012.
In the early hours of April 14-15, two construction cranes were damaged.

Raval – April 16, 2012.
At 4:50 AM, in the Raval neighborhood, a 1 series BMW was engulfed in flames.

Sant Viçent dels Horts – April 21, 2012.
– At 2:30 AM two construction company vans were burned with molotovs.
– At 4:20 AM, outside of an insurance company, a Mercedes and an Audi, both luxury cars, were burned, the fire caused the creaming of a dumpster and a trash can.

Salt – April 23, 2012.
At 6 AM, outside of the parking lot of the local police station, two luxury cars were burned.

Bonanova – May 1, 2012.
– At 12:40 AM, the windows of 10 luxury cars were destroyed, throwing stones and smashing the hoods and windows, then, the tires were slashed.

* * *

Objectively in the economic social and cultural reality, there usually is a weak social class, totally discriminated against and treated like nothing; the precarious youth. In every corner of the world there is a peripheral youth living in misery at the margin of the “cultural” spectacle of each presupposed nation, a continual regime of apartheid that excludes the migrant or poor youth from the gears of the “social and national consensus.”

This creates social conditions different from the normal ones, the contradictions of the social body making consumerist promises that will not be fulfilled makes moments of destructive rage break out like the ones we saw in Paris or Tottenham last year. It creates a climate of social tension between the state and the social classes that support it in their elitist and racist work against the youth who are victims of structural, sexual or racial discrimination. Capitalism, the system in all its forms, is the disease.

The alternative:

When no one listens to you and not only this but they also oppress you and corner you in misery, when the mortality of capitalism and the spectacle silence you continually, nothing remains to you except than to fight back. The insecurity, the fear of robbery, the fear that a petit-bourgeois feels that the precarious youth might assault him at gunpoint at an ATM, the fear that the bourgeois and petit-bourgeois class can suffer on going into the street at night, the terror and panic that the petit-bourgeois suffer on not even leaving the house due to the youth presence, the state of alarm at night, the index of social threat, ultimately, the day to day terror that is instilling into the authoritarian social body by the precarious youth is a hard response to the misery to which they condemn us.

There is also — and most importantly — the nihilist and iconoclastic destruction of the architecture of the spectacle, a new option that we have accepted with enthusiasm and conviction.

In the Tottenham riots they spoke of a level of comparable level of damage to that of the bombing of London in World War II, that is, the columns of smoke were the folklore of the city. Can you imagine this daily? The police would employ ever more authoritarian methods, the armies would have to intervene, the state would lose legitimacy and we would have in our noses a class struggle; the only way of class struggle in the 21st century, taking advantage of the objective conditions of the economic and social status of the precarious youth (the true oppressed and rebellious social class today). We make a call to all the criminal youth circles to unit to the task of destroying the existent today, in the era when the ideologies have died. Fed up with terrorism from the state, bourgeois, bosses and authorities, we opt for revolutionary youth terrorism, for social-political and conscious destruction, for anti-capitalist delinquency (opposed to private property and social peace) our best weapon.

We defend anarchist nihilism and attack to the final consequences and we declare war. The fact that you are afraid of us and don’t have the balls to go into the street is the consequence of condemning us to this socio-economic abyss. That you need cameras and police in excess in order to stop us is the crop harvested with rage and sown with much misery and hatred. While the precarious youth are exploited and discriminated against, while this system that robs us of life, the racist and conformist society and the political caste continue to exist, they will fear for the precarious and youthful social threat instilled close to the surface. While there is inequality and private property, you will not sleep quiet and you’ll suffer for your private property. Riots are our way of making the war and the subversive delinquency the way that we the lower-class youth have to fight against private property and social peace.

El redha was a friend, one of us and you have killed him.

Fire to the reformatories.

Long live the revolutionary terrorism of the precarious youth against society and the bourgeois peace.

Our history is not a history at all.

Nihilist Anarchists.

* * * * *



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