Greece: Incendiary attack on politicians’ offices

Update: responsibility claim appeared around 4/26/11, posted below from actforfreedomnow…

Minor material damage was made by the explosion of incendiary devices at 10:15p.m. on 4/18 in the political offices of F.Petralia and V.Papandreou [politicians in the ruling PASOK party], which are on the mezzanine and the 5th floor of a building on Akadimias street in the centre of Athens. In the office of V.Papandreou, unfortunately the five gas canisters did not explode and any damage was caused by the fire. On the other hand, the mechanism with three canisters that was placed in the office of Petralia exploded, causing more damage.


There is money after all…

For advisers of privatisations and “use” of public property (this is the name for selling out) there are millions of euros.

For equipment, fuel, transport of all kinds of pig cops so that they can chase the internal enemy there is money.

For military equipment and participation in NATO, for “peaceful” forces in Afghanistan and wherever else, there are billions of euros.

For wages of bishops and priests, for churches and flights to bring the “Holly Light” there is money. For crewing and equipment of inspectors-traitors in public transport and systems for electronic tickets there is money.

For subsidies of Football Clubs and… and… and… the list is long… there is money.

But for doctors, nurses, ambulances and hospital materials there is no money. Soon of course there will be no hospitals. They will have been sold out to insurance companies.

For pensions, welfare and unemployment benefits there is not a dime.

On Monday 18th of April 2011 at 22:20 we set fire to the political offices of Vaso Papandreou and Fani Petralia, which are on Academias street 28 in the centre of Athens, on the fifth floor and in the mezzanine respectively. Vaso Papandreou has been putting on for thirty years now the same boring theatrical representation titled “i criticise the government – i want a better application of the governmental plan – I resign, I do not resign”. So, of course she never takes a ministry in order to have easier access to the payoffs. Leave it lady. This time maybe it was petrol and gas cannisters but the time of the guillotine is also coming.

As for the fossil with the name Fani Palli Petralia the message is clear: Maybe now some are not so much involved in things but as long as they have contributed even at the minimum in the maintenance of the existing system they are a permanent and constant target of revolutionaries.


We end our solidarity to the dozens of revolutionaries that are hostages in the governmental dungeons Guerrilla signals to all that fight.


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