Albany, NY: 24 ATMs and other targets hit

from anews:

Late in the night of June 2nd a group of young Anarchists destroyed 16 ATM’s, 5 surveillance cameras. Also 3 banks, their locks were glued, and anti-state/anti-capitalist slogans were painted throughout downtown.We destroyed the ATM’s by filling all of the slots with expandable foam and spray painting the screen and hidden cameras. The surveillance cameras were destroyed by climbing the street lamps and smashing the spy cameras with a large poll.

This was in solidarity with all political prisoners, all falsely convicted in entrapment cases. Our hope is that this continues the growing momentum from the latest smashing and burnings, attack! It’s so easy… Gather your affinity groups and attack! Be the crisis, stop the flow of capital.

Love to all east coast and New York/Albany rebels

Let our people go!


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