Bolivia: Anarchist Cell for Revolutionary Solidarity FAI/FRI on the recent events

from culmine, transl waronsociety:

Do you have some decency to at least feel a bit of disgust every morning when you look at yourselves in the mirror? Do you have some blood running in your body that allows you to feel even the least bit of shame at the lowness and infamy of the betrayals committed?

In the recent actions of attack that we carried out, we put special emphasis on vindicating memory and the historical experience of the struggle against power, knowing the histories full of consequence and dignity of irreducible men and women who fought loyal to their convictions until death, learning about bravery, courage, the errors and the small victories, but the struggle against power is replete also with lowness, cowardice and betrayals that we cannot forget.

It has been some time since anarchist/anti-authoritarian expressions within the territory dominated by the Bolivian State began to develop into direct actions of attack against the idea and materiality of the State/Capital, distancing and distinguishing themselves clearly from the anarchism of official existent catechism. Internationalist revolutionary solidarity has turned into gunpowder, leaving the Bolivian State perplexed not knowing how to confront this new form of diffuse and decentralized attack which does not seek dialogue nor recognition, so it tends to downplay the sabotages carried out, while they investigate more details, but without knowing where the attacks are coming from.

Those of us who decided to consistently follow our positions of war against society, and sharpen the attacks against power, expressing our solidarity with the rebels of the whole world, knew that sooner or later we would face an onslaught of State repression, because our objectives and positions of life are those of conflict and the confrontation with authority, we knew that we ought to be as prepared as possible in order to not falter in the struggle, to not facilitate the repressive onslaught and to continue intransigent on the warpath.

So, after several months of arduous investigation, one day, a police officer (an imbecile who probably now will be reading this to then print it out for his superiors) discovered that perhaps searching on google something related with the places where the attacks happened could find some clue and, probably in this way, arrived at the pages and blogs through which we claim the actions we carried out, express our positions and communicate with rebels from all over. He had found the profile of the enemies to be sought.

On Tuesday May 29, the police of the city of La Paz carried out various simultaneous arrests and raids, the searches are made against various persons connected to the libertarian circles of the city, the aim being to intimidate and find some evidence, the evidence revealed to demonstrate terrorist connections being so absurd as the tendency of zines, patches, carnival masks, wigs, music CDs and various things of that nature, which is nothing new since in any country when power needs to present culprits, anything will serve, and the press is in charge of the rest of the work, today the indigenist government of Bolivia is no exception.

Among the arrested there remain 4 awaiting trial for crimes of terrorist nature and for attempted homicide. Two of whom are in preventive prison in the city, the other two on house arrest for collaborating with the investigation, that is, they helped the police and didn’t hesitate to provide names and places where they could find the “true culprits,” these latter two are connected to the platformist organization OARS (anarchist organization for social revolution).

Obviously we have never expected anything of an Organization that openly declares the intention of improving/changing society, with an anachronistic, nationalist and reformist discourse, and that is an “alternative” expression that functions practically with the permission of the State, since it knows that the folklore of “rebel youth” that this organization reproduces has never been, nor will be a danger to the established order, but even when in their discourse they openly declare their action within legality, and have never even really considered, even for a moment, going so far as to inconvenience authority.

But without necessarily delving into the positions of cheap politicking, of these Leninists dressed up in black, who speak of raising the consciousness of the masses, who like to represent and who fill their mouths speaking against capitalism but who at the bottom behave the same as the miserable souls who only care to save their own skins, and who do not hesitate for a second in cooperating with repression and snitching to the police with the purpose of safeguarding and conserving the privileges of their comfortable life of appearances, now we are sure that we are not the only ones who know that they have nothing to do with the actions carried out lately here in Bolivia, since now their words and their actions show that they do not have the least bit of valor, much less the minimal moral consistency to some time in their miserable lives risk for something.

These days are difficult, but nothing justifies the faltering of solidarity toward dignified prisoners, on the contrary it should intensify, now more than ever it is necessary to remain attentive and firm before authority, and to not succumb to paranoia or fear, since we should be capable of demonstrating to them that they cannot stop us, that we proudly assume the path that persists in confronting power and they will never see us repentant or defeated.

A greeting and embrace full of strength to all those affected by this adverse situation, but who seek the means and ways of staying on the offensive from whatever trench.

Death to the platformist pseudo-anarchists!

For total liberation, long live anarchy!

Anarchist Cell for Revolutionary Solidarity
FAI/FRI Bolivia

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