St. Louis, MO: Parking meter sabotage for June 11 solidarity

from anews:

Last night, more than 50 parking meters in a bar district and an up-and-coming artist district of St. Louis were made inoperable with glue, paint and hammers.

We intended to attack 41 meters–one for each of the 19 years Eric McDavid will be stolen from us and one for each of the 22 years Marie Mason will be stolen from us. But we got excited and forgot to stop.

We did this to communicate through prison walls, so all our imprisoned comrades know we love them and so it is obvious we will not sit idly while they are locked away.

We did this because the struggle in defense of the Earth that our comrades were deeply engaged is inextricably linked to the struggle against gentrification and the struggle against state control.

Solidarity with all prisoners and all those who choose to resist.

Greetings to the unknown STL rebels who attacked the ATM’s the night before. Keep it up.

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