Denver, CO: Amelia Nicol has been incarcerated since December

from denverabc:

Amelia has been imprisoned since December of 2011, after being arrested at a demonstration against a Wal Mart distribution center in Loveland, Colorado. She was extradicted to Denver after her court case from the Wal Mart action was resolved.

Amelia now faces several charges, including felony second degree burglary. Her next court date is set for July 7, 2012, and she has been remanded into jail custody until at least that court date. She is not eligible for bond after being declared a flight risk after allegedly failing to appear for previous court dates on this pending case.

Amelia Nicol is an anarchist from Colorado who is in jail awaiting trial for charges stemming from a raid on an alleged Denver squat in October of 2011. Amelia was previously supported by the Denver Anarchist Black Cross while fighting charges of attempted murder of a police officer and a host of other felonies and misdemeanors after a demonstration against police terrorism in Denver in May of 2011. After a coordinated political and legal campaign, all of Amelia’s charges from that case were dropped.

Mailing address:

Amelia Nicol
CD# 0000762401
Denver County Jail
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

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