Argentina: Attacks on bourgeois and private security cars in Buenos Aires

from vivalaanarquia, transl thisisourjob:

On Threats and Barking Dogs

For more than obvious reasons, we find ourselves obligated to analyze the situation here on the banks of the River Plate and thus clarify a few points that, to our understanding, deserve mention.

To begin with, we want to salute the comrades all over the world who dare to exhibit the sincere practice of attack on the symbols of power and its representatives, whether or not those comrades are part of the Informal Anarchist Federation and the International Revolutionary Front. With special pride, we salute and extend a complicit wink to all who face repression every day, like Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Marco Camenisch, and those who don’t give in and continue to put up a fight inside and outside prisons around the world.

But as we’ve mentioned before, here on the banks of the River Plate a series of attacks has also taken place, resulting from the fine hard work of a number of individuals and groups that—determined to extend the Informal Anarchist Federation project—have given and keep giving all we have in our hearts and minds so that anarchist urban guerrillas might thrive and spread. But some individuals and groups, with the sole intention of filling space on some Internet site in the anarchist ghetto, and in order to be able to show off and feel like they are contributing to the destruction of Capital and the State, have made a number of calls to different capitalist leisure spaces—a fake bomb threat called in to a Falabella and another called in to the Teatro Colón, both claimed by groups supporting the Informal Anarchist Federation and the International Revolutionary Front.

So here’s the thing: a pussycat, even if you paint it black, will always be a pussycat. It’s thus necessary to attribute the appropriate character to things and actions, always sincerely and never expecting anything in return by doing so.

We want to tell these kids to engage in a self-critique and realize that their attitude is leading to nothing more than accelerated repression. We feel that barking dogs don’t bite, and they only trigger tyrannical responses. So as to not sound like firefighters, we also want to say that while they play at social revolution by phone or by sending texts and e-mails to the tyrants, all they’re doing is frustrating the intentions of sensitive individuals who think and act only in accordance with the deafening rhythm produced by our bombs—a poetry so lovely that it can only be repeated by those who look past the ends of their noses and don’t confine their egos.

The spectacle conditions us, and the circus being staged by these individuals is delaying our attempts to spread the subversive germ for the simple reason that their troublesome behavior actually thwarted our own plans to attack Falabella. The worst part is that there wasn’t just one threat but two in such a brief period of time that the guard dogs increased security at that temple of capitalist consumption, thereby making it as impossible to attack as a Teutonic castle. The least they could have done next is either leave a bomb at the Colón or stop talking for no reason.

We consider the path of revolutionary struggle to be viable: violence against violence, eruptions within public and private space, and direct attacks on luxury, wealth, the normality of things, and the Power that maintains order.

Our weapon is revolutionary violence and it takes shape only through fire. We think any action that makes use of such tools is truly revolutionary, comradely, and deserving of being a proud part of the Informal Anarchist Federation and the International Revolutionary Front. But that’s not the case for phone calls and the hanging of banners, because those things have nothing to do with revolutionaries.

We torched automobiles belonging to the bourgeoisie in Caballito and Villa del Parque, a car belonging to a private security firm in Villa Devoto at the corner of Marcos Paz and Avenida Francisco Beiró, and another car belonging to the Prosegur company at 3300 Calle Guayaquil in Caballito (all in the month of June).

With these direct actions against the cars of the bourgeoisie and private security, we continue the revolutionary offensive that we are attempting to spread everywhere.

Their calls for repression don’t frighten us because we take responsibility for our desire to cause chaos, so that a powerful tremor might manage to revive the combative anarchist spirit—the only essential means that can make us decide to stop preaching Anarchy and begin to practice it every day in small, medium-sized, and large meaningful violent interventions that rupture the democratic social peace of submissive authoritarian society.

Without anything left to say, we invite all sensitive and sincere individualities to keep arming themselves for the triumph of the social war.

Liberty or Death.

—Cell of Conspirators for the Spread of Chaos
Friends of the Earth
Informal Anarchist Federation


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