Chile: Another solidarity action in San Miguel

from Santiasko Anarquista (links added):

In the context of the week of agitation and propaganda we decided to block the streets, hang banners, and release pigeons at the intersection of La Marina and la Panamericana (San Miguel) during the early hours of the 20th of April.

This action was to express the following:
-Freedom for the comrades of August 14th on hunger strike
-The release of the 4 anarchist comrades, indicted for the attack on the Greek embassy.
-Karina (la Gallega), Diego and Leandro kidnapped by the Argentinian State

Iconoclastic greetings to those who negate the existent without looking down!!!

For those who do not feel forced to obey life in society, who do not feel connected to even the merest cells of the social body. Violent regards to all those who negate the existent!

Iconoclastic freedom!

Freedom to the 14A prisoners on hunger strike

(For the release of the 4 anarchist comrades and freedom for Karina (la Gallega), Diego, y Leandro in Argentina! International Solidarity!)

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