St. Louis, MO: Solidarity attack on courthouse

from anews:

The Madison County courthouse located in the Metro East St Louis city of Edwardsville, Illinois had a door defaced with spraypaint with another message of solidarity on the early morning of Friday. We take this opportunity to remind comrades of the radical history of the Metro East of St Louis, which saw the General Strike of 1877 in East St Louis, Illinois.

After careful deliberation amongst ourselves we have determined that to continue a weekly attack would exhibit discipline that we consider death. Death that is the state and it’s institutions which are formed out of discipline. This is not a resignation of militancy, however. The purpose of these actions is the endorsement and encouragement of wildness. If we determine the time is fitting for another action of solidarity we will be inclined to take it.

Our action is also a call of solidarity with Russia’s feminist punks Pussy Riot. It’s an action to call attention to the death of the Argentinian squatter in Barcelona. We mourn for comrades who have had their life ended early with viciousness by the state and are filled with contempt for those that have imprisoned behind walls, bars, barbed wire fences and guards, our comrades we organize, meet and take action out of solidarity with.

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