Oakland, CA: Attack on OPD vehicles in solidarity with grand jury resisters

from indybay:

Before dawn on August 2, 2012, we covered the windows and windshields of 2 unmarked Oakland Police Department vehicles with glass etching fluid, as well as slashing all the tires of one of the cars. We also covered the door and 5 windows of the nearby OPD recruitment center with etching fluid. The windows of the recruitment center had boards behind them due to being attacked when the Oakland Commune encampment still existed, but the glass was still accessible. These targets are located at the North end of Oscar Grant Plaza, where the Oakland Commune materialized last year.

We did this to coincide with the first day of the grand jury in Seattle, and to continue our struggle against the forces of the State and Capital at home. Even when overt social conflict seems minimal, there are always targets lying in wait. (Also, who needs a reason or something to react to….fuck ’em!)

For the destruction of this prison society. May the spirit of revolt spread, from Anaheim to the Bay to the Northwest.
For the silent ones.

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