Atlanta, GA: Actions in solidarity with the grand jury resisters in the Northwest

from anews:

Atlanta had two separate actions in solidarity with grand jury resistors. From the night of August 5th:

On the night of August 5th, we used industrial adhesives and a hammer to dismantle every parking meter on Edgewood Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta (45 parking meters total). On a large wall next to the biggest section of parking meters we spray-painted “FUCK THE GRAND JURY — <3 FOR PNW (A)”.

This is just a small gesture of solidarity with comrades in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia who are resisting the grand jury which released 6 subpoeneas late last month. We know that the point of these hearings is to stultify the rebellion of those in the Pacific-Northwest who have helped to escalate the unending social war of which we are all apart. All across the country — in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, East St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Seattle, and elsewhere — anarchists have decided to meet this repression with further attacks against the dominant social order. We hope that our humble act warms the hearts of all who resist.

Additionally, there is a profound hatred of the privatized parking enforcement in Atlanta. We have chosen this target for the immediate effects it will have on our lives and to stoke the flames of rage against paid parking enforcement and law enforcement in general.

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It’s easy to attack!


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From the morning of August 6th:

Early this morning we dropped a banner over Freedom Parkway in Atlanta that read: FOR THE SILENT ONES <3, fuck grand juries @. We did this to show our love for those in the Pacific Northwest who are resisting the grand jury subpeonas there. May the revolt continue to spread in spite of repression by the state. Solidarity with all who rebel.

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