Chile: Claim for bombings of Jaime Guzmán Memorial and car dealership

from liberaciontotal (8/20/12), transl waronsociety, communique:

In light of the present context, where in the capitalist State has created frame-ups and totally unjustified accusations against comrades who have taken up the social struggle, for example in the “bombs case” where the desperation and lies of the State were demonstrated, we see it necessary to reformulate ourselves in our thinking. We have always considered that revolutionary actions claim themselves by themselves, but now more than ever we see the necessity of writing this communique, making clear that we realize that it is absolutely necessary to claim and individualize revolutionary action; this is because we’ve learned that to not do so means actions lend themselves to ambiguities, even going so far as the possibility that they be used as a tool of accusation and frame-up by the state apparatus that criminalizes the social struggle. Another example of this is the case of Hans Neymer who is accused of being the material and ideological author of the revolutionary attack against the Jaime Guzmán Memorial and the Automotora ONE car dealership; this accusation is again without any justification nor any evidence, because we declare ourselves the author of these attacks, forming ourselves together as the German Bladomirobich fraction of the Autonomous Cell of Revolutionary Crime (NACR). We have decided to do this because we want to make ourselves responsible for our actions, declaring that none of our individualities has had any direct or indirect relation with Hans.

With this, the inefficiency of the intelligence aparatus of the fucking State is again evidenced. They are far and we are near!!! They have never gotten close to us and so they have felt obliged to accuse an innocent of these actions. The stupidity of domination and the State reach such a level that they relate these attacks to Hans Neymer by the components used in the devices, even when these materials are within the reach of the whole exploited class, able to be found at any hardware store (10% sulfur, 15% carbon, 75% potassium nitrate or saltpeter) just like the detonation mechanisms and fuse can be bought at any corner store since they are a simple (kitchen) timer or a cheap alarm clock, so it is stupid to link anyone for using items that are everywhere and within everyone’s reach.

The targets that we have destroyed were treated as criminal acts and we are in agreement, since to attack private property and exploiters is a crime, we are the Autonomous Cell of Revolutionary Crime. We made a call to all the proletariat understanding it as all that which lives under exploitation and every form of domination. To take the items that are around the corner and with them make a frontal attack against those who sustain this state of domination.

Solidarity with all those persecuted, imprisoned and killed at the hands of the State.

Autonomous Cell of Revolutionary Crime – German Bladomirobvich

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Automotora ONE:

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