Chile: “Abbreviated trial” against Adrián Díaz annuled; new trial to begin

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

The compañero Adrián Díaz was arrested on June 28, 2012 on being intercepted by civil police after the attack on a truck of the gendarmería (prison guards) during a student demonstration.

Accused of throwing an incendiary bomb at the prison guards, Adrián spent four months in the prison-company Santiago One living as the constant hostage of gendarmería. Finally Adrian assumed responsibility and participation in the clash, arriving at an “abbreviated trial” with the Prosecution: Adrian left onto the street on October 30th, sentenced to 61 days plus a fine of 1 UTM (about 40 Chilean pesos) for the fire and 541 days for possession of an incendiary bomb, all of this with a remitted sentence to be completed under supervised release.

But the rest of the plaintiffs in his case, the Gendarmería and the Ministry of the Interior, were not content with that penalty and moved for the annulment of the abbreviated trial before the Court of Appeals. In the past few days, the Court decided to annul the abbreviated trial, with the intention that Adrian faces an oral trial, risking much higher penalties.

On December 19, 2012, Adrian will have to attend court because the plaintiffs are again asking for preventive prison for the comrade and finally in order to set the date for the preparation of the trial.

Solidarity with the unrepentant comrade Adrian, before this new repressive and judicial trial that only seeks to burden the lives of those who decided to fight against the existent order.

We make a call to be attentive about the judicial situation of the comrade, and we also send him strength in the face of whatever happens in the near future. Because they cannot break your dignity, not with court appeals, and not with regimens and resentful beatings in the prison.

Solidarity with Adrian!

Solidarity propaganda during the time when the compa was imprisoned.
It reads: “Down with Prisons. Adrian Diaz to the Street!”

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