Mexico: Mario López bailed out of prison

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Recently some changes in the penal legislation in Mexico City have been made, in which the charge of “attack on the public peace” ceased to be a serious crime. Therefore Mario López’s lawyer presented himself on Friday 12/28 in the courts, together with compas in solidarity, in order to carry out the necessary procedures for his release from jail.

The same Friday, comrades in solidarity got together the money to pay the fee of about 70,000 Mexican pesos (about $5500 US) so that Mario could leave the prison.

Finally at around 1 AM on Saturday 12/29, our compa Tripa left the Southern Detention Center on foot. Now the judicial process against him will continue, but he will be outside of the cages awaiting the sentence.

It is a great joy that Mario is outside of the prison, there is no doubt that this past year many joys have been allowed us, such as the death of the “bombs case” and the end of the warrant for Gabriela’s arrest, the release of Tortuga and his not being processed under the anti-terrorist law, the release of Eat and Billy in Indonesia, among other cases.

We salute you, Tripa, for your firm determination; your smile spread to our faces on knowing that you are no longer in the hands of Power and that you can reunite with your environment and your loved ones; it was six long months of captivity that you had to clean your wounds under horrible conditions, but you said nothing could break your insurgent will; a hard fight and you came out stronger than before. Much strength through what happens, you are not alone!

Solidarity with Tripa, the trial against him is not over!

Strength and affection to comrade Felicity!

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